9 Ways to open the Settings app in Windows 10

Close to its one year anniversary, Windows 10 is found on hundreds of millions of computers and devices. Looking at how the Settings app has become a whole lot more important than ever before, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you all the methods we know for launching it. This is a roundup that we hope will prove useful for many of you. Here are all the ways to open the Settings app in Windows 10:

NOTE: The screenshots used in this article are from Windows 10 with Anniversary Update. Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available for free, to all Windows 10 users, as of August 2, 2016.

1. Use the Settings shortcut from the Start Menu

Using t he Start Menu is arguably one of the fastest way to open Settings. Open the Start Menu and, on its left section, you’ll find a shortcut for Settings.

If you click or tap on the Expand button from the top left corner of the Start Menu , the name Settings is displayed near its icon. That way, you get a confirmation that you’re clicking/tapping on the right thing.

2. Use search/Cortana

On the desktop, use the search box and, inside it, write “settings”. When the search results are loaded, press Enter or click/tap the Settings result.

3. Use the Action Center

Windows 10 includes a feature called Action Center , a place where you see notifications about the things going on your device, as well as a section with quick actions that you can t ake . Open the Action Center with a click or tap on its icon from the Notification Area , at the right end of the taskbar.

On the bottom of this panel, you’ll see the Quick Actions section. Inside it, click or tap on All settings and the Settings app will open.

4. Use the taskbar right click menu

In the latest builds of Windows 10, you can also launch the Settings app from the right click menu of the taskbar. To do that, right click or press and hold anywhere on the empty space on the taskbar. Then, click or tap Settings.

This will open Settings and automatically take you to the Taskbar section.

5. Pin the Settings app to the Start Menu or to the taskbar

If you use the Settings app a lot, it might be a good idea to pin its shortcut to the taskbar or the Start Menu. To do that, first launch the Start menu and locate the Settings shortcut. Then, right click or tap and hold its icon until a contextual menu appears. From this menu, select Pin to Start or More -> Pin to taskbar , depending on where you want its shortcut placed.

Once you do one of these actions, you will be able to quickly launch Settings either from the Start menu, or the taskbar.

6 . Use hotkeys on the keyboard

Maybe the fastest way to open the Settings app is to use a key combination on your keyboard. If you prefer this method, all you have to do is press the Windows + I keys together. This action instantly opens the Settings app.

7. Use File Explorer

File Explorer also gives us a fast way to open the Settings app. Open File Explorer and go to This PC.

E xpand the Computer tab from the ribbon menu on top, and then click or tap Open Settings. That will do the trick.

8. Use Control Panel

This is another method we found, but it is kind of cumbersome. Open Control Panel and go to User Accounts. Then, click or tap on “Make changes to my account in PC Settings”. These actions will take you to the Your account section from Settings.

9 . Use Command Prompt or PowerShell

If you love command-line environments, than you’ll probably like this method: it involves Command Prompt or PowerShell. Open the one you like, and run the command: start ms-settings:

Once you press Enter on your keyboard, Windows 10 will immediately launch the Settings app.


These are all the methods we know for launching the Settings app in Windows 10. However, there might be more ways to do that so, if you know of others, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments form below. We promise we will update this article.