About Digital Citizen

The Digital Citizen team

Many of us have PCs with Windows 10 installed, and they update themselves every six months, changing features and apps after we barely familiarized ourselves with how things work. The smartphone in our pocket is more powerful than the computer we used five years ago, yet we hardly use it at 20% of its capacity. We want great Wi-Fi in our homes to view Netflix movies in 4K, but we don’t know what wireless router to buy so that everything works well. 

Our team recognizes how much influence technology has over our daily lives and how difficult it is to make sense of it. That’s why we are here: to help you productively use technology and to have fun, safely and healthily. We write lots of tutorials, reviews, blog posts, and articles about the technology products that “dominate” our daily lives.

We are a small and independent team that writes daily content for Digital Citizen:

  • Ciprian Rusen - co-founder and chief editor. He writes articles, reviews, and tutorials on a large number of topics. He is also in charge of establishing the editorial policy of our website.
  • Codruț Neagu - senior editor. He writes articles and tutorials on a large variety of topics and contributes from time to time to the editorial policy.
  • Diana Ann Roe - editor. She writes mostly about Windows, Android, and macOS. She focuses primarily on creating tutorials.

About the company

We finance our work through display advertising, affiliate marketing, promoted content, and other means. Our Digital Citizen publications are owned by CITIZEN MEDIA LLC, located in Busteni, Romania. Our site's web platform was created by CITIZEN MEDIA through the BIZZSMART financing program.