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Unlike bots and artificial intelligence, humans are very different, with varied habits, including when it comes to how they choose to learn and inform themselves. Our team wants to be close to you and help you find and access our content as easily as possible. Unfortunately, Google is no longer a medium that promotes quality content created by small editorial teams like ours, and it's getting harder and harder to find us among the top results when you search for something. That's why we recommend you try Bing. We know, it's created by Microsoft, and many of us have grown accustomed to disliking that company. Fortunately, Bing is a search engine that supports independent publications and you'll find quality content there more easily. Our articles usually rank much higher in their search results. And if that suggestion doesn't make you too happy, you can find us even easier using the following channels:

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Many say that email is perishing but experience has taught us that this is not the case. There are still many people (including us) who subscribe to their favorite publications and online stores by email to receive the newest content directly. Email continues to be a great distribution channel for our content, as it allows us to let you know whenever we have a new article or something important to share. You can access the subscription form both on the Newsletter page and at the end of each article.


We don't think there are any Digital Citizen readers who don't have a smartphone. And if you have a smartphone, you’re likely using WhatsApp to communicate. Well, we've created a WhatsApp group where we post the content we publish. You can react to that content and make sure you don't miss anything we post. This is one of the most direct forms of subscription and communication, and we encourage you to give it a try. Our group can be found here: Digital Citizen on WhatsApp. We recommend that you open the group on your phone, not on a PC or laptop, as you won't be able to join us without installing and setting up WhatsApp.

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Well, this is an old-fashioned way of subscribing to your favorite sites. “It's for old people,” some would say ironically. RSS feeds work great and are one of the best ways to keep up to date with what's new on the internet, but fewer and fewer people are using this technology. If you like having your favorite sites in a feed reader like Feedly, you can add our RSS feed. That way, you won't miss anything we publish, and you won't let an algorithm decide what you see on the internet. 🙂

Google News

If you use this app on your smartphone, you can find us here too: Digital Citizen on Google News. Access the previous link and tap the Follow button. Our content will appear in the Following tab of the Google News app, alongside articles from the other publications you’re subscribed to. 🙂


Critics say that LinkedIn is “the corporate social network”, a boring place. However, while this is true at times, we were surprised quite often by the quality of the conversations on this social network and by the content discovered on it. If you use LinkedIn, you'll probably be happy to learn that it does a better job than Facebook at displaying the content of the pages you subscribe to. So you can be sure that you'll see our content on LinkedIn more frequently than you would if you followed us on another social network. Follow our page: Digital Citizen on LinkedIn.


Facebook is the social network we all complain about and yet continue to use. Unfortunately, the algorithms favor controversial content, but they also trickle useful stuff through users' feeds. If you're active here too, follow our page: Digital Citizen on Facebook. Like and Follow us to make the algorithms fully understand that you want to see our posts. This increases your likelihood of seeing what we're posting. Keep in mind, however, that Facebook is not the greatest channel to follow us on, because the social network's algorithm is constantly pushing us to pay money for showing you our content, something we can't really afford.


We're not big Instagram fans and find it hard to create content tailored to this social network to get you to the Digital Citizen website. We've recently experimented with their app and still post things from time to time. We know our account doesn't look great, but if you still want to follow us, you can find us here: Digital Citizen on Instagram.


We dream of becoming YouTubers one day, but we haven't really begun yet. However, we do post videos every now and then. If you want to keep up with what we (very rarely) post there, subscribe to Digital Citizen on YouTube. If you noticed that the channel address includes 7tutorials, please note that this was the name of our website before we renamed it Digital Citizen in October 2015.

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I hope the various subscription options for our publication are enough and you've found something that suits your needs. If you have subscribed, thank you. It's a great help to us (both financially and emotionally 🙂) to see people like you following and reading our original content on a regular basis, especially in the age of artificial intelligence. And if you find yourself missing a subscription channel and there's something we haven't thought of, contact us here and let us know.