What is a smart home? How do you create a network in your home? How do you pick a good Wi-Fi router? How do you manage and connect to your network using the devices and operating systems in your home? What kind of smart devices should you use in your home?

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBM68

ASUS ExpertWiFi EBM68 review: Mesh Wi-Fi for SMBs!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 19.09.2023
Although ASUS has a lot of expertise in building high-quality routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems for home users, the company has not focused on building networking solutions for business users so far. Luckily, things are changing with the introduction of the new ExpertWiFi lineup, which...
ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 V2

ASUS TUF Gaming AX3000 V2 review: A good mid-range router

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 23.08.2023
Fast internet connections are slowly gaining ground everywhere in the world. As our homes and businesses are increasingly crowded with more devices that require Wi-Fi connectivity, getting yourself a good router is a must. If you want a solid mid-range Wi-Fi 6 router, which features...
TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus

TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus review: A smart choice for large-sized homes

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 22.08.2023
If you’re looking for a smart and relatively affordable robot vacuum, you may want to consider the TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus. It promises to keep your home clean and dust-free, regardless of the floor types in your rooms. The Tapo RV30 Plus is part of...
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ review: Excellent automated cleaning!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 19.07.2023
While robot vacuums are similar in terms of looks and general design, they vary greatly in price, technology, features, and usefulness. If you have a large living space or office that needs regular cleaning, you’re better served by the more expensive options, which feature a...
TP-Link Tapo C225

TP-Link Tapo C225 review: Affordable home surveillance!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 13.07.2023
Do you have a child that you need to keep an eye on? Or a pet? Or both? Then you may need a surveillance camera for home use. And if you want features like night vision or the ability to have audio conversations remotely, then...
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 review: Great for large homes!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 05.07.2023
If you have a large home that requires regular cleaning, affordable robot vacuums are usually a poor choice due to multiple reasons. They tend to have batteries with lower capacity, less advanced navigation systems which make them slow at cleaning your home, and dust bins...
TP-Link Tapo C500

TP-Link Tapo C500 review: Affordable outdoor surveillance!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 27.06.2023
Do you have a home or small company office where you want to install some video surveillance? Would you fancy a wireless camera that can pan and tilt easily to get 360 degrees coverage, with dust and water resistance, as well as infrared vision for...
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 review: Cleaning and mopping on a budget!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 15.06.2023
Robot vacuum cleaners are popular, and for a good reason: they help us automate a task that a lot of people dread doing regularly. Many such devices are advanced and incredibly efficient, but they’re expensive, and not everyone can afford them. If you’re looking for...
TP-Link Archer AX73

TP-Link Archer AX73 review: Affordable mid-ranger!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 06.06.2023
Midrange wireless routers are very competitive in terms of pricing and there’s a variety of options available. If you’re looking for a good Wi-Fi 6 router with useful advanced features, you’ll come across the TP-Link AX5400 or Archer AX73 in shops both online and offline....
TP-Link Tapo C420S2

TP-Link Tapo C420S2 review: Capable and reasonably-priced!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 25.05.2023
If you’re looking for an easy-to-use security camera for your home or office, one that doesn’t cost a fortune, you should check out the TP-Link Tapo C420S2. This wireless two-camera kit offers 2K QHD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and local and cloud...
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 review: For mid-sized living spaces!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 18.05.2023
Xiaomi recently launched a new lineup of smart devices, which includes new robot vacuum cleaners for all budgets. These devices have gotten smarter and more efficient in the last couple of years, and I was curious to see the progress made by Xiaomi. So the...
Proxy server

What is a proxy server? What are its benefits & drawbacks?

  • misc
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 11.05.2023
If you have worked in a corporate network, you’ve probably encountered the term proxy server, and you know that without one, you cannot access websites and services outside the company’s network. However, what exactly are these proxy servers? Should you use one at home? Read...
Remote Desktop

How to use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to other PCs

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 10.05.2023
The Microsoft Remote Desktop client is a free app for Windows 11 and Windows 10, available through the Microsoft Store, useful when you need remote access to another Windows computer or device. This universal remote desktop client works both with devices available in your network...