5 ways to create and add a new user in Windows 11

Do you have a new PC with Windows 11 or did you just install it yourself? You may want to share your computer with other people, so you have to add a new user to Windows 11. If that’s the case, you are in the right place. In this guide, we show you how to create and add a new user in Windows 11. It doesn’t matter if you want to add a Microsoft or a local account, we’ve got you covered:

IMPORTANT: If you want to create a Microsoft account, you should do that in a web browser to set it up correctly, including with the appropriate recovery information, in case you later forget the password. We have a separate guide with 3 ways to create a Microsoft account from your browser that you should read first. In this guide, we show you how to add Microsoft accounts that were created previously and how to create and add local user accounts to Windows 11. Note that all the procedures in this guide work only if you’re using an administrator account.

1. How to add a user in Windows 11 from the Settings app

You can add both Microsoft accounts and local accounts from the Settings app. To do that, first open Settings in Windows 11. One way to do that is to press the Windows + I keys on the keyboard. Then, in the Settings app, select Accounts on the left and go to Family & other users on the right.

In Settings, go to Accounts > Family & other users

Now you have options for adding other accounts to Windows 11. In the Other users section, click or tap the Add account button next to “Add other user.”

Click or tap Add account

This action opens the Microsoft account window. If you want to add a Microsoft account to Windows 11, read section 1.a. If you want to create and add a local account, read section 1.b.

TIP: If you’re wondering whether you should use a Microsoft account or a local account, read this article: Should you use a local or a Microsoft account?

1.a How to add a Microsoft account from Windows 11’s Settings

If you want to add a Microsoft account, enter the email address or phone number associated with your account, and press Next.

Enter the email for the Microsoft account you want to add

The Microsoft account is now added to your Windows 11 computer. You are not required to enter its password because it will be requested automatically on its first log in. Press Finish and you are done.

Press Finish

You can now use that Microsoft account to log in to Windows 11.

1.b How to add a local account from Windows 11’s Settings

If you want to create a local (non-Microsoft) account, in the Microsoft account window, click or tap “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.

Click or tap “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”

Windows 11 tries to help you create a Microsoft account instead. Refuse this offer by clicking or tapping “Add a user without a Microsoft account.”

Add a user without a Microsoft account

You can finally create your local user account. Type its name and password, and then confirm the latter.

Create the new user

Below the password fields, there are three security questions for you to answer. You cannot skip them, and their purpose is to help you recover your local account if you forget its password. Choose the three questions that you want to answer and then type the appropriate answers. This data is not sent to Microsoft, so don’t be worried about answering truthfully. When done, click or tap Next.

Choose and answer the security questions

The local account is created, and you are returned to the Settings app, where you can see it displayed under Other users.

TIP: If you want to install Windows 11 without a Microsoft account, follow this guide: How to install and use Windows 11 with a local account.

2. How to add a local account from the Terminal (Command Prompt or PowerShell)

If you like command-line environments, open the Terminal as administrator, and type the command:

“net user NAME PASS /add”

Replace NAME with the name of the user you are creating and PASS with the password for it. Below, we created a user called MyUserName with the password Pas$$w0rd. How’s that for a strong password? 🙂

net user NAME PASS /add

NOTE: You can completely remove the PASS value from the command, and the newly created user can login without a password. Also, this command can be run both in the PowerShell, and the Command Prompt, not only the Terminal.

3. Add a new user account to Windows 11 using Computer Management

Open Computer Management. One way to do this is to press Windows + X on your keyboard and then choose Computer Management in the menu that appears. In the column on the left, choose Local Users and Groups, and in the middle of the window, right-click Users and select New User.

Right click on Users and select New User

You see the New User prompt. Complete the User Name and Full Name fields, type a password (if you want one) and confirm it, and then click Create.

Enter the details of the new user

The user account is created and added to Windows 11.

4. How to add or create a new user with netplwiz

To begin, open the Run window with the keyboard shortcut Windows + R, and type or copy and paste netplwiz. Then, click OK or press Enter on your keyboard.

Run netplwiz

The User Accounts window opens, listing the user accounts that exist on your computer. To add a new user (local account or Microsoft account), click or tap Add.

In User Accounts, click Add

To add a Microsoft account, read section 4.a. To create a local account, read section 4.b.

4.a How to add a Microsoft user account with netplwiz

If all you want is to add a Microsoft account, simply type its associated email address and press Next.

Enter the email of the Microsoft account

The new user is added to Windows 11 and can be used to sign in. All that’s left is to press Finish.

Press Finish

4.b How to create a new local user account with netplwiz

To add a new local account, click or tap “Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).”

Click on Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)

Next, you are presented once more with all the advantages of using a Microsoft account. The company is trying really hard to convince you to quit your idea of using a local account. Go ahead and click or tap Local account.

Choose Local account

Enter the new User name, type and confirm its password, and add a Password hint. Then, click or tap on Next.

Enter the details of the new user

Press Finish to complete the process of adding a new user/local account.

Press Finish and the user is added

You are returned to the User Accounts window, where you see the new user account listed alongside the others.

TIP: You can also use the User Accounts window to set Windows 11 to allow you to automatically login without a password.

5. How to add a Microsoft account while installing Windows 11

When you install Windows 11, you arrive at a point where you are asked to add a Microsoft account. The user is added before you log in to Windows 11 for the first time. Enter the email or phone number associated with that account and press Next.

While installing Windows 11, enter the email of the Microsoft account

Then, enter the password and press Sign in.

Enter the Microsoft's account password

If you use two-step verification for your Microsoft account, you might also have to confirm that you are the one who tries to sign in by entering a code you receive on your smartphone or an alternative email. Then, the account is added to Windows 11.

Which method of adding a new user do you prefer?

Now you know several methods for creating and adding user accounts in Windows 11. You can do this using the Settings app, the Windows Terminal, and several other tools. Before closing this guide, tell us which method do you prefer and why? Also, if you know other ways of creating new users, let us know in a comment. We promise to update this article and include your tips.

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