How to always see the percentage of battery left on your iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad and you are looking at its screen, the only things it tells you about the battery is whether it has plenty of energy stored, whether you need to charge it, and whether the Low Power Mode is on. When there is enough energy, the battery icon is green, or its inside is filled. When you have to charge your device, the battery icon is red, and when the Low Power Mode is on, the battery icon is yellow. Wouldn't it be nice for you to know what percentage of the battery you have left? If you want to always see the percentage of battery left on your iPhone or iPad, read on and find out just how easy it is to enable it:

NOTE: This guide applies to iOS 11.4, and it was created using an iPhone SE. If you are using a different version of iOS, an iPad or a different iPhone model, our screenshots might be slightly different from what you see on your screen, but the steps involved should be similar.

1. Open the Settings on your iPhone or iPad

To make your iPhone or iPad show the battery percentage in its status bar, the first thing you must do is access the Settings app. Go to your home screen, locate the Settings icon and tap on it.

2. Go to Battery

In the Settings, scroll down until you find the Battery entry. When you do, tap on it.

3. Turn on the Battery Percentage

On the Battery screen, you should find a switch called "Battery Percentage."

By default, the "Battery Percentage" switch is turned off.

Turn the "Battery Percentage" switch on and, voilĂ , your iPhone or iPad now shows the battery percentage to the left of its icon, in the status bar.

NOTE: Apparently, if you have an iPhone X, you cannot set it to always display the battery percentage in the status bar. That is probably not possible because the notch found on the iPhone X does not leave enough room for additional information on the status bar. However, on your iPhone X, you can see the battery percentage in the Control Center, by swiping your finger from the top-right corner of the screen.

Do you prefer to always see the battery percentage on your iPhone or iPad?

Or do you prefer to rely on the simple battery icon that gives little information on how much juice is left in your battery? We prefer to see detailed information and always be aware of the percentage of battery power left on our devices. What do you think is better? Use the comments section to share your opinion.