3 ways to turn Bluetooth on and off, on an iPhone or an iPad

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an iPad, you need to know how to turn Bluetooth on and off. Maybe you need to connect a pair of wireless headphones, a Bluetooth speaker, or maybe you just want to share some photos from your iPhone or iPad to another device, using Bluetooth. If you want to enable Bluetooth in iOS, but you do not know how, read our guide and choose your favorite method:

NOTE: This guide applies to iOS 11.3.1, and it was created using an iPhone SE. If you are using a different version of iOS, an iPad or a different iPhone model, our screenshots might be slightly different from what you see on your screen, but the steps involved should be similar.

1. Turn Bluetooth on or off, using the Settings app

The Settings app lets you configure almost anything found on your iPhone or iPad, including the status of the Bluetooth chip. To begin, launch the Settings app by tapping on its icon.

In the Settings app, you should find an entry called Bluetooth, followed by an On or Off status. This shows whether the Bluetooth chip is enabled or not. Tap on it.

On the Bluetooth screen, tap on the switch with the same name, to turn Bluetooth on.

After a few seconds, the Bluetooth chip should be enabled, and you can see all the devices connected or available to connect, listed below the switch.

If you want to turn Bluetooth off, tap the same switch.

2. Turn Bluetooth on or off, using the Control Center

The Control Center offers a faster way to enable or disable Bluetooth. On your iPhone or iPad, swipe from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

In the Control Center, tap the Bluetooth button to turn it on or off. If the icon is blue, then Bluetooth is on.

If its colors are white and gray, it means that the Bluetooth is off.

3. Turn Bluetooth on or off by asking Siri to do it

If you enabled Siri on your iPhone or iPad, you could also ask her to turn Bluetooth on or off. Say "Hey Siri" or tap and hold on the Home button. Once she is up and listening to you, say the command "Turn Bluetooth on" to enable Bluetooth.

If you want to disable Bluetooth, say the command "Turn Bluetooth off." Siri will do that immediately for you.

Do you keep Bluetooth on all the time?

… or do you turn it on only when you actually need it? We are curious to find out whether you prefer to save battery by disabling Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, or you prefer to let it on all the time. Also, if you have any questions regarding working with Bluetooth, use the comments section below.