What iPhone do I have? How to tell your iPhone model in 3 different ways

After unwrapping it on my birthday, one of the first questions I had was how to tell what iPhone I have. The simple packaging didn’t help, so it occurred to me that I might not be the only one wondering, “Which iPhone do I have?”. I considered, of course, searching for online images of different iPhones. However, Apple doesn’t make significant design changes every time, so it’s challenging to tell apart the thirty-three iPhone models released so far based on their physical appearance. Luckily, I found three other easy ways to answer questions like “What iPhone do I have?” or “What model is my iPhone?”. Read this guide to learn all about them:

NOTE: Some of the steps in this tutorial are only available if your iPhone is on and running iOS 10.3 or newer. If you want to know what iPhone you have without turning it on, scroll down to the last chapter of this tutorial.

1. Which iPhone do I have? Find out from the list of devices under your Apple ID

I found that the fastest way to tell which iPhone I have was from its Settings. On your iPhone’s home screen, tap on Settings. Its icon is a gray gear, as seen below.

Open Settings as a first step to tell what kind of iPhone you have

Next, tap on your Apple ID profile at the top of the Settings screen.

The Apple ID entry in an iPhone's Settings

TIP: For increased security, you may want to activate two-step verification for your Apple ID on an iPhone or iPad.

At the bottom of the next screen, you can see a list of all the Apple devices you own. The first is the iPhone you’re using, and its model is displayed in small text, as seen below.

The list of devices under my profile lets me know what model iPhone I have

Tapping on your iPhone’s name takes you to its Device Info screen, where there are two ways to tell which iPhone you have, together with other useful data, like its version.

Your iPhone’s model is displayed under its image at the top, as well as in the Model field under Device info.

The iPhone model is shown twice on the Device Info screen

2. What iPhone do I have? Find out from its About Settings

The Settings app also offers another way to tell the model of your iPhone. Open Settings and go to General.

Access General Settings to find out what iPhone you have

On the General screen, tap on the first entry, called About.

Press the first entry to see more info About your iPhone

This opens the About screen, where you can find your iPhone’s Model Name, as seen below.

Check the Model Name to know which iPhone you have

NOTE: The Model Name entry is only available if your iPhone is running iOS 12.2 or newer. If you’re using an older iPhone, tap once on the Model Number entry, and you can see the value next to it change. The new value displayed next to the Model Number should start with an A, as seen below.

Find out your iPhone's Model Number

Use the list at the end of the next chapter to find the new Model Number value and figure out which iPhone you have.

3. How to tell what iPhone I have without turning it on by checking the number printed on the device

The previous two methods are only useful if you can access an iPhone’s Settings. Luckily, there is a way to find out which iPhone you have without turning it on or unlocking it by checking the Model number printed on it. The Model number starts with the letter A, as discussed in the previous chapter.

First, examine your iPhone’s back cover. On older devices, you can find the Model printed in very small letters on the back of your iPhone.

The Model Number etched on the back of an older iPhone SE

If you don’t see a Model stamped on the back, it means that you have an iPhone 8 or newer. In that case, remove your iPhone’s SIM card tray and look inside the opening - use a bright light and a magnifying glass if necessary. You should see a number printed on the upper inner edge of the slot, as shown in the image below.

The Model Number etched on the inner upper edge of an iPhone 11 SIM tray slot

Once you have the Model number, find it in the following list to know which iPhone you have:

  • A2484, A2641, A2643, A2644, A2645 - iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • A2483, A2636, A2638, A2639, A2640 - iPhone 13 Pro
  • A2482, A2631, A2633, A2634, A2635 - iPhone 13
  • A2481, A2626, A2628, A2629, A2630 - iPhone 13 mini
  • A2342, A2410, A2411, A2412 – iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • A2341, A2406, A2407, A2408 – iPhone 12 Pro
  • A2172, A2402, A2403, A2404 – iPhone 12
  • A2176, A2398, A2399, A2400 – iPhone 12 mini
  • A2275, A2296, A2298 – iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • A2160, A2215, A2217 – iPhone 11 Pro
  • A2161, A2218, A2220 – iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • A2111, A2221, A2223 – iPhone 11
  • A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2100 – iPhone XS
  • A1921, A2101, A2102, A2103, A2104 – iPhone XS Max
  • A1984, A2105, A2106, A2107, A2108 – iPhone XR
  • A1865, A1901, A1902 – iPhone X
  • A1863, A1905, A1906 – iPhone 8
  • A1864, A1897, A1898 – iPhone 8 Plus
  • A1660, A1778, A1779 – iPhone 7
  • A1661, A1784, A1785 – iPhone 7 Plus
  • A1633, A1688, A1700 – iPhone 6s
  • A1634, A1687, A1699 – iPhone 6s Plus
  • A1549, A1586, A1589 – iPhone 6
  • A1522, A1524, A1593 – iPhone 6 Plus
  • A1662, A1723, A1724 – iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533 – iPhone 5s
  • A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532 – iPhone 5c
  • A1428, A1429, A1442 – iPhone 5
  • A1387, A1431 – iPhone 4s
  • A1332, A1349 – iPhone 4
  • A1325, A1303 – iPhone 3GS
  • A1241, A1324 – iPhone 3G
  • A1203 – iPhone

Do you think Apple should provide an easier way to tell which iPhone you have?

While it’s easy to find out what iPhone you have from the Settings app, things become more complicated if you cannot start it. Even experienced users have difficulties telling certain models apart based solely on their appearance, and finding the Model number etched on your device can be a challenge. Did you manage to tell what model your iPhone is? Was it complicated to find the small letters etched on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section if you think Apple should provide a simpler alternative.

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