The location of the screenshots folder, in Windows, and how to change it

Taking screenshots of your screen is a feature that has been around for a long time. By default, Windows saves your screenshots in a particular folder on your Windows PC or device. Although this location is intuitive and works for most people, there are situations in which you may want to change it. If you are curious to find out where your screenshots saved by Windows are, and how to change the screenshots location, read this article:

NOTE: This tutorial is written on the premise that you know how to take screenshots in Windows. If you do not, read this article first: 8 ways to take screenshots in Windows, using built-in tools.

What is the location of the screenshots folder in Windows?

In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, all the screenshots you take without using third-party applications are stored in the same default folder, called Screenshots. You can find it in the Pictures folder, inside your user folder. It is critical to note that the Screenshots folder is created only after you take your first screenshot using the tools that are available in Windows.

If you did not change the default location of your user Pictures folder, the path to the Screenshots folder is "C:\Users\your_name\Pictures\Screenshots," where "your_name" is the name of the user account that you use to log into Windows.

You can use File Explorer to browse your computer and go to the path mentioned above, or you can directly select the Pictures shortcut from the Navigation pane in File Explorer.

How to change the default location of the screenshots folder

To change the location of the Screenshots folder, you must first access its Properties. To do that, right-click or tap and hold it until the contextual menu is shown. Then, click or tap Properties.

In the Properties window, go to the Location tab.

In the Location tab, you can see the existing path to your Screenshots folder.

To change the folder where your screenshots are saved, click or tap Move.

In the "Select a Destination" window, browse your Windows computer or device, and open the folder where you want to save your screenshots from now on.

Then, click or tap on Select Folder.

Important note: It is essential not to move the Screenshots folder location to another system folder. If you do that, you cannot redirect it later. For example, never point the Screenshots location directly to Desktop. Instead, create a Screenshots folder (any name works) on your desktop first, and then point to it.

Going back in the Screenshots Properties window, you should see the new path you chose for the Screenshots folder. Click or tap OK so that the new setting is applied.

After you press OK, Windows asks you whether you want to move all the screenshots from the old location to the new one. The recommended answer is Yes so that all your old screenshots are relocated to the new Screenshots folder. If you choose No, your old screenshots are left where they were, and only the screenshots you take from now on are going to be saved in the new location.

Depending on how many screenshots you have made so far, the moving process might take a while. Please keep in mind that the Screenshots folder is changed only for your user account and not for all user accounts. If you want to change the location of this folder for all user accounts, you must repeat this procedure for each account, individually.

How to restore the default location of the Screenshots folder

Browse to the new location of your Screenshots folder. Access its Properties as shown earlier in this article, and go to the Location tab. Then, click or tap the Restore Default button.

If the original Screenshots folder no longer exists, then it must be created. When Windows asks whether you would like to create it, press Yes.

You are then be asked if want to move all your screenshots to the default Screenshots folder. Press Yes and, in the Screenshots Properties window, click or tap OK. The Screenshots folder is now restored to its default location that Microsoft intended.

Did this guide help you find where your screenshots are saved in Windows?

As you can see from this guide, it is straightforward to change the default location for your Screenshots folder both in Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1. We hope that our guide was easy to follow and that you found the information you were looking for. If you have any questions about the process described above, do not hesitate to ask in the comments section below.