Use the ClearType Text Tuner in Windows 10 to increase text readability

Do you use an LCD screen on your Windows 10 PC and, although you expect it to display text that is easy to read, it does not? Did you set the monitor's resolution to its native value, but the text still looks fuzzy on the screen and you can't read it well? If so, you might also want to open the ClearType Text Tuner and use it to improve the readability of your screen. Here's how to do that:

Use the ClearType Text Tuner, so that you can read text easier

Open the ClearType Text Tuner. In Windows 10, the fastest way to do that is to click or tap on the search field on your taskbar, type cleartype and, when the results are shown, click or tap "Adjust ClearType text."

Searching for ClearType in Windows 10

When the ClearType Text Tuner opens, check the box for the "Turn on ClearType" option. Then, click or tap the Next button.

Turn on ClearType

If you have multiple monitors connected to your Windows 10 PC, you are asked whether you want to configure all or only one of them.

It is best to tune them all, so we recommend you to choose "Yes, I want to tune all monitors now." If you have only one monitor, you do not see this step.

ClearType Text Tuner identifies the monitors connected to your PC

Furthermore, if you want to adjust ClearType on only one of your monitors, select "No, only tune the monitor that I select," and then click or tap on the one you want. Then, press Next.

Choosing to tune only one monitor

The ClearType Text Tuner checks to see whether your monitor is using its default resolution. If it does not, follow the steps from this guide to set your screen resolution to the Recommended value.

ClearType Text Tuner verifies if your monitor uses its native resolution

Next, the ClearType Text Tuner shows you five different sets of sample text. On each of the five sets, you must choose the text that is the easiest to read. To select it, click or tap on that text box. This is how the first sample text set looks:

ClearType Text Tuner asks you to choose the text that's easier to read for you

A second text sample is shown, and so on, up to a total of five sets.

ClearType Text Tuner show five sets of text samples

Once you go through all of them, ClearType Text Tuner has enough information to know how to adjust the text on your screen so that you can read it easier.

Press Finish and your settings are saved and applied.

ClearType Text Tuner finished adjusting your monitor for best readability

Did ClearType make text easier to read on your monitor?

Using the ClearType Text Tuner to make text easier to read on a monitor is fairly easy. Did you use it for its purpose? Did you encounter any problems or do you have any further advice on readability in Windows 10? Use the comments section below to let us know.

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