Where are screenshots saved? Screenshot locations on Windows, Android, and iOS

Taking screenshots is a convenient way of saving and sharing information on your PC, your smartphone or your tablet. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a screenshot is a good way to get a friend or a co-worker to see what you are seeing. But once you take the screenshot, where do you find it for later use? Let's find out how to locate your screenshots on Windows, Android, as well as iPhones and iPads:

NOTE: This tutorial helps you find the location of screenshots taken on Windows, Android, and iOS. If you do not know how to take screenshots, read:

Where are screenshots saved in Windows?

The screenshots taken in Windows end up in different places, depending on the method you use for creating them. Although there are nine different ways of taking screenshots in Windows, there are only four possible locations where they are saved. Let's cover them one by one:

Saving the screenshot to the clipboard. If you press PrtScn on the keyboard, you capture the entire screen, and the resulting image is stored in the clipboard. This method is the oldest one of taking screenshots in Windows, and the images have always been stored in the clipboard. Once you have the image in the clipboard, you can use the paste command to retrieve it in a Windows app, like Paint for further processing. Keep in mind that the clipboard is temporary storage, and closing Windows or taking another screenshot could erase the one already taken. If you want to keep the screenshot, paste it into an app, and make sure it is saved in a file.

The Clipboard in Windows 10

Saving screenshots to a file in the Screenshots folder. There are a couple of commands that save the screenshots directly into an image file (e.g., pressing Windows + PrtScn on the keyboard). When you do this, the files are saved in the Screenshots folder found in your Pictures library. If you want, you can change the location of the Screenshots folder.

The Screenshots folder in Windows 10

Saving to a file in the Captures folder. The Game Bar allows the capture of screenshots from the games you play in Windows 10. When you use the Game Bar to take screenshots in Windows 10, or the Windows + Alt + PrtScn keyboard shortcut, the screenshots are saved in the Captures folder in your Videos library.

The Captures folder in Windows 10

Saving to a built-in app. Windows has two apps designed to take screenshots. The Snipping Tool is the older one, and you can find it in all Windows versions. The newer app is Snip & Sketch and it is available only in Windows 10. If you want the resulting screenshot to last beyond the current session, make sure that you save it to a file. These apps allow total freedom to choose the location where to save your screenshots. The default folder proposed is the Pictures folder.

Snip & Sketch app

Where are screenshots saved in Android?

The screenshots taken on Android with the built-in tools are always saved as image files.

The files are stored in the Pictures/Screenshot folder (or DCIM/Screenshot).

The folder where the screenshots are stored on Android

Depending on your version of Android, you can find an album with the screenshots in the Photos apps. Open the Photos app, go to Albums and look for the Screenshots album. There you are going to find all your screenshots.

Screenshots album in Photos app

NOTE: The Photos app is built by Google, and available for all Android devices. However, smartphone manufacturers may create their own clones, with names like Gallery. Finding your screenshots in those apps varies, based on how they are organized.

Where are screenshots saved on your iPhone or iPad?

On your iPhone or iPad, the screenshots are saved as image files, and you can find them in the Photos app. Open the app, tap on Albums, and then on the Camera Roll album.

The Camera Roll album in the Photos app for iOS

The screenshots are displayed in the Camera Roll album together with the pictures taken with your camera.

Screenshots displayed in the Camera Roll album

If you want to see only the screenshots, in the Photos app there is also a separate album named Screenshots that you can display.

The Screenshots album in the Photos app for iOS

This time, only the screenshots are displayed.

The Screenshots album on iOS

Did you find your screenshots?

Once you learn their default locations, it is easy to find the screenshots you take, in Windows, Android, or iOS. In Windows, you can even decide to change the location where screenshots are saved. Before closing this tutorial, tell us whether we managed to help you find your screenshots, in a comment below.