How to install Windows 11 from USB, DVD, or ISO

How to configure Windows 11 with a Microsoft account

Windows 11 asks you to sign in with your Microsoft account. If you’re OK with that or don’t have a choice because you’re installing Windows 11 Home, enter your Microsoft email and click or tap Next.

Enter the email for your Microsoft account

If you use two-step verification for your Microsoft account, you might have to confirm that you are the one who tries to sign in by entering a code you receive on your smartphone or an alternative email. Otherwise, you are just asked to type the password of your Microsoft account. Once you do, press Sign in.

Enter the password for your Microsoft account

Instead of manually entering your password, you can also use the Microsoft Authenticator app if you previously configured it.

To do that, click or tap “Use my Microsoft Authenticator app” and approve the sign-in on your smartphone.

Using Microsoft Authenticator to sign in

Next, Windows 11 asks you to create a PIN. Click or tap on "Create PIN."

Create PIN for Windows 11

Enter the PIN code that you want, confirm it, and press OK.

Enter and confirm the PIN code

On the next step, Windows 11 lets you customize "[...] privacy settings for your device". You can enable or disable any of the features available: Location, Find my device, Diagnostic data, Inking & typing, Tailored experiences, and Advertising ID. Before making choices, make sure that you read about what each of these features is all about—once done, press Next.

Customize your privacy settings

Now, Windows 11 asks you how you intend to use your PC. For example, will you use it mainly for Entertainment, Gaming, School, Creativity, Business, or Family? Depending on what you choose, Windows 11 can and will deliver you personalized tips, ads, and recommendations.

Note that you can also choose to select nothing or directly Skip this step! If you selected any of the options, when done, press Accept.

Select the types of activities you perform in Windows 11

If you intend to use OneDrive to use or backup your files in the cloud, on the next step, you can choose to automatically sync your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders. Otherwise, you can select “Don’t back up my files.” Then, press Next.

Do you want to use OneDrive?

Microsoft also tries to sway you into trying its premium Office apps with Microsoft 365. If you do want, you’ll need a credit card to activate the free 1-month trial, after which you’ll be charged. If you don’t want to try Office, click or tap on “No, thanks.”

Do you want to try the premium Office apps?

Finally, Windows 11 now does another update check. If Windows 11 finds any available updates, you’ll have to wait for them to be downloaded and installed. Meanwhile, you might see a few slides created to help you “Meet Windows 11” and the new things it brings.

A new update for Windows 11 is installing

When it is done, you can log in and enjoy Windows 11 on your PC or device.

Windows 11 is up and running

Congratulations, you’ve installed Windows 11!

How to configure Windows 11 to use a local account

If you do not want to use a Microsoft account, and you’re installing any version of Windows 11 except Windows 11 Home, you can choose to create and use a local, offline account. When the Windows 11 setup asks you to sign in or create a Microsoft account, click or tap on the Sign-in options link.

Choosing Sign-in options

Then, select "Offline account.”

Choose Offline account

Although Microsoft will try to convince you that a Microsoft account is better, you don’t have to use one. To continue with an offline account, click or tap on Skip for now.

Select Skip for now

On the next step, type a name for the offline account, and press Next.

Enter the name of your local account

Enter a password for the new offline local account, and press Next.

Enter the password for your local account

Then, choose three security questions and enter the answers for them, one by one. This is a mandatory step that offers a basic level of protection for your new local user account.

Choose and answer the security questions

Next, "Choose privacy settings for your device" by enabling or disabling the ones you want: Location, Find my device, Diagnostic data, Inking & typing, Tailored experiences, and Advertising ID. Read what they’re about, make your choices, and click or tap on Next.

Choose privacy settings for your device

Then, the Windows 11 setup wizard will check whether new updates are available again. If there are, you can only wait for them to be downloaded and installed. You might get to see a quick presentation of Windows 11’s new features and improvements during this time.

New updates are installed for Windows 11

When everything’s done, you can log in using your local account, and voila: the Windows 11 desktop and its new Start Menu!

Windows 11 is ready to use

That’s it: you’re now the proud owner of a Windows 11 PC!

Did you install Windows 11?

As you’ve seen, installing Windows 11 can be quite a lengthy process in terms of steps and customizations. However, you can do it by yourself, without having to call a friend. 🙂 Did you try Windows 11 already? What are your first impressions? Do you like it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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