3 Comments to Translate the Windows sign-in screen into your local language

  1. Curious says:

    Hi, is there any way to do this unattended via a command prompt? I need to do this on 2000 computers…


    1. Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Good question. One way could be:
      1. Install all the display/punt languages you need on a computer.
      2. Use Process Monitor to scan the current state of the computer.
      3. Make the changes you need.
      4. Scan again using the same tool to see the differences in registry keys.
      5. Save those differences in registry keys as a .ref file.
      6. Import it on another computer – see if it works.
      7. If it does, deploy it on all 2000 computers via command prompt.

      An idea – might work, might not – but worth trying.

    2. Anonymous says:

      You might be able to accomplish a mass set/reset via Group Policy. See the following for an idea on the topic.


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