5 things you can do with the My People hub from Windows 10

In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft introduces a new feature called My People. It is designed to make communicating with friends and other important persons in our lives, easier and faster. How it does it that? By integrating various messaging, chat services and apps into one handy little tool that sits on your Windows 10 taskbar. Here are more details about what My People is, how it works and what you can do with it right now:

What is the My People hub and what does it do?

The My People hub is a Windows 10 feature that allows users to communicate faster and more easily with others. My People is designed to be a hub that integrates various communication platforms and apps. For now, it integrates the People, Mail and Calendar, and Skype apps for Windows. That means that you can use it to send quick messages via email or Skype to the people you know. My People can be accessed by clicking or tapping on its icon from your taskbar, and it also lets you pin your favorite contacts on your taskbar, for even faster communication with them.

Initially, My People was announced by Microsoft to be available starting with Windows 10 Creators Update, but unfortunately, the feature was not exactly ready at that time. Microsoft postponed its release until the Fall Creators Update version of Windows 10, which is going to be released in autumn 2017. In the future, My People will probably get more integrations with other communication apps too. Let's take a tour of the most important things you can do with the My People hub right now:

1. See the contact details of the people you know and the timeline with messages between you and them

The first app that is integrated into the My People hub is the People app.

A click or a tap on the People tile from a person in My People shows its contact details and then the timeline with all the email messages that you and that person have sent to each other.

2. Edit the contact details of the people you know

While looking at the contact information and the timeline of a certain person in My People, you can also edit that contact's details. To do that, you click/tap on the menu button (it has an icon with three dots) on the top right corner. That opens the People app and lets you edit the details of that person.

3. Send email messages to people

The Mail tile from a person's page in the My People hub uses the Mail and Calendar app to let you read and send email messages.

If you want to send an email, click or tap on the + button at the bottom of a person's My People page. Then, you can compose the email message in the same window and send it by pressing the paper airplane button from the bottom.

It is quite a handy tool to use when you use email as an important means of communication with others.

4. Chat with others via Skype

The third app that is integrated with My People is Skype. You can find a tile for Skype on each person's page from My People if that person has a Skype account.

Clicking or tapping on Skype opens the app in the same window and gives you access to everything Skype has to offer.

Here are more tutorials about Skype in case you want to know more about this very useful app: Skype.

5. Pin your favorite people to the taskbar for even faster communication with them

If all the above sound great, then you might want to pin your favorite persons on your taskbar. That way, you can communicate with them faster. All it takes is a click or a tap on their images, and you get access to all the things we talked about in this article. Neat, right?

To pin a favorite person to your taskbar, open My People and find the person you want to pin, in the People tab, either in the Pin suggested list or by searching in the Find and pin contacts page. When you click or tap on a person, he or she is automatically pinned to your taskbar. It is as easy as that!

Once a person is pinned to your taskbar, you can see his or her image displayed in a small circle.

Take care though at who sees your taskbar and My People pinned contacts, because some people might be offended to find that they are not your favorite contacts. And… anyone who gets their hands on your computer can send all kinds of prank messages. :)


My People is a nice idea, and it can be a useful feature for fast communications with people who matter most in your life. However, do you think it is enough for it to integrate only Skype and two others apps? Do you think it should be able to use more similar services and applications? We would love it if it were able to integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook's Messenger, and Slack. What about you?