3 Ways to learn your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10, when you forget it

Did you ever find yourself in a situation in which you need your Wi-Fi password but you cannot remember it? Or, what if you never knew your wireless password at home, just because a friend or a relative did all your network configuration and didn't tell you the password? What can you do to you find your Wi-Fi password? Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can learn it and this article will show you how:

Method 1. Find your Wi-Fi password on your Windows 10 device

If you have a Windows 10 device that can connect to your wireless network, then it can also show you the password it uses. However, in order for you to be able to find this information, you'll have to use an administrator account. If you don't have administrative rights, then skip to the next methods shared later in this tutorial.

If you have an account with administrative rights, start by connecting to your wireless network. If you're not already connected, and you don't know how to connect to it, then this tutorial will help you: How To Connect To Wireless Networks In Windows 10.

Once your Windows 10 device is connected to the wireless network, you'll have to go to the "Network and Sharing Center". There are multiple ways to do that, but the fastest way is to use Cortana's search box. Click or tap in the search box and enter the words "network center". Then, click or tap "Network and Sharing Center" from the list of results.

Another way to get to the "Network and Sharing Center" is for you to open the Control Panel , and then follow this path: "Network and Internet" -> "Network and Sharing Center".

Regardless of the method you choose to follow, you should get to the "Network and Sharing Center" window, which will look similar to the image below.

In "Network and Sharing Center" , look for your active wireless network, inside the section called "View your active networks". For instance, our Wi-Fi network is called "HomeSweetHome".

On the right side of your active wireless network, you'll see a field called Connections. It will display a link called "Wi-Fi (The Name Of Your Wireless Network)".

In our case, for our "HomeSweetHome" wireless network, this link is called "Wi-Fi (HomeSweetHome)". What you have to do is click or tap on this link.

This action will launch a window called "Wi-Fi Status" and it will show some details about your wireless Connection and Activity. In the Connection section, you'll also see a button called Details… and one called Wireless Properties. Click or tap the Wireless Properties button.

This will trigger the launch of yet another window, called "(The Name Of Your Wireless Network) Wireless Network Properties". Note that "(The Name Of Your Wireless Network)" is the name of your wireless network, whatever that may be.

This window has two tabs: Connection and Security. To find your wireless connection password, click or tap on the Security tab.

In the Security tab, among other information like the "Security type" or the "Encryption type" used by your wireless network, you will also have a field called "Network security key". This field holds the password of your Wi-Fi network. However, by default, the characters of your password will be hidden and replaced with black dots.

In order to see your Wi-Fi password, check the option "Show characters" found right below the "Network security key" field. Note that, to be able to do this, you need to have administrative permissions.

Once you've checked the "Show characters" option, Windows 10 will immediately display your Wi-Fi network password.

And that's it: now you know your Wi-Fi password, so you can copy it or simply write it down on a post-it.