Hardware and Sound

Bluetooth may not be the latest wireless technology and it’s surely not the most reliable, at least when it comes to using it for file transfers. However, it is still one of the most widely used methods of interconnecting various computing devices. One of the most common situations involving Bluetoo...
Have you been in a situation where you needed to transfer a file between two devices, but an Internet connection wasn’t available at the moment? Well, there’s a solution and it’s called Bluetooth. Some may find the Bluetooth technology a little bit dated but it remains a practical and quick way of c...
One of the many creative options built into Windows is the ability to record and play multimedia files of all kinds. The Windows operating system makes it simple to select a default device for audio recording and playback. But what if you'd prefer that another device be used from a list of devices w...
Screen resolution
We would like to have a discussion about screen resolutions and share with you some very practical things such as: how to change your monitor’s display resolution in Windows, how to work with multi-monitor configurations, how to make text and other items larger or smaller and how to revert back your...
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
In the modern era of computers, everything gets more and more mobile each year. Whether Microsoft initiated or only followed this trend is a matter of debate. However, during recent years they released more than a few mobile hardware devices that are targeted at mobile users who want to be productiv...
Sony HD-S1A
It’s been awhile since Sony has released the HD-S1A external pocket size hard drive. At the time it hit the market, this external hard drive was said to be the lightest and thinnest of its kind and it can still brag about those features today. We only recently received it for testing purposes and, a...
Kingston DataTraveler 2000
Data security and data privacy are increasingly hot topics nowadays and because of that, more and more companies offer secure storage devices that aim to protect your data. One such example is the new Kingston DataTraveler 2000, a USB 3.1 memory stick that uses military grade 256-bit AES hardware en...
Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder is one of the new apps bundled with Windows 10 Mobile, which you can use to make quick voice recordings every time you’re on the go and you don’t really need a professional recording device. If you want to learn how Voice Recorder for Windows 10 Mobile works and how good it is at reco...
Geek or not, there is a time when you become bored with the standard icon used by your USB memory stick or your external hard disk drive. Each time you plug it into a new computer, the same boring icon and name are displayed? What about changing them to something fun and cool? What about using a Mar...
In Windows, every drive and storage device uses a friendly name that helps you identify it. For instance, the drive that holds your Windows operating system is called Local Disk, while a USB memory stick will have no name or it will use the default name of Removable Disk. Although Windows sets defau...
Tec+ Dynamo Levitating Bluetooth Speaker
We live in a wonderful age of technology. We’ve got: wireless charging, 3D printing, augmented reality, all sorts of technologies which would have sounded like science fiction even a decade ago. If you want to be constantly reminded of just how cool our times are, there are few alternatives more app...
Removable drives
Do you use USB memory sticks, external hard drives and other forms of external storage on your Windows computers and devices? If you do, then you should know the best way to remove these storage devices from your computer, so that you don’t encounter issues with corrupted files and prompts for scann...