How to clear cookies from Chrome: All you need to know

Clearing the cookies in Google Chrome is a simple process if you want to delete all the cookies stored. However, some of these cookies are useful, as they keep you signed in on websites and remember your preferences, so it makes sense to view cookies in Chrome before clearing them. This tutorial illustrates both how to see and how to clear cookies on Chrome, whether it is the ones stored by a specific website or all the ones you've ever visited:

NOTE: This article illustrates how to clear the cookies stored by Chrome on your computer. To clear the cookies on your Android device, our tutorial on How to clear cookies on Android has all the details you need. To gain a better understanding of cookies, we recommend reading What are cookies and what do they do?. If your question is "Where are cookies stored?", we discuss the cookies location Chrome and other browsers use on your disk in our tutorial on Where cookies are located in Windows 10.

The fastest way to clear cookies in Chrome

If your browser is misbehaving, clearing all its cookies could solve the issue and let you get back to what you were doing. To clear all the cookies stored by Chrome, open it and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Press Ctrl, Shift, and Delete simultaneously on your keyboard

Alternatively, you can also start by clicking or tapping on the three vertical dots button in Chrome's top-right corner, and then accessing More tools and Clear browsing data.

Begin to Clear browsing data

Chrome launches a Settings tab and opens the Clear browsing data pop-up. Tap the box next to Time range at the top, and then select All time, if you want to clear all the cookies stored by Google Chrome.

Set the Time range to All time

Make sure the box next to "Cookies and other site data" is checked, and then decide if there is anything else you want to remove. When you are done, click or tap on the Clear data button in the lower-right corner of the pop-up, and all the cookies in Google Chrome are cleared.

Clear the selected data

This is the fast way to clear cookies in Google Chrome. If you are looking for a specific cookie to remove or want to first take a look at what you are deleting, go to the section of this tutorial that best fits your needs.

How to view cookies in Chrome for a website you are visiting

Open a new tab in Google Chrome and load the website whose cookies you want to see. On the left side of the address bar, there is a lock symbol letting you know if the website you are visiting is secure. Hovering over it displays the tooltip "View site information." Click or tap on the lock icon.

Press the lock to View site information

Then, in the menu that opens, click or tap on Cookies.

Press Cookies

A pop-up displays folders with all the cookies stored by the website you are visiting. The number of cookies stored varies based on each website and how you access it. When you visit our website - Digital Citizen - directly by entering its address manually, you get fewer cookies. If you access it based on a Google search, you get more cookies, some stored by Google, to remember details about how you reached our website. The same is true of all websites. While we value your privacy and try to be as light as possible in our cookie use, other websites store an incredibly high number of cookies in your web browser.

A website's cookies are grouped into folders

Cookies are split into folders, based on their source. The source can be the website that you are visiting or the services used by it. Let's try and break some of the data on our website to clarify. Access the "" folder of cookies by double-clicking or double-tapping on it (you can also click or tap on the arrow next to it). Then, open Cookies the same way.

View the Cookies from our website's folder in Google Chrome

You should see three cookies here:

  • test-amp-cookie-tmp - is a cookie from Google AMP. The AMP Project - sets these cookie resources to speed up a website and load everything faster.
  • __cfduid - comes from Cloudflare, a service we use to load our website from a server near you to get you the information you need as quickly as possible.
  • _ga - comes from Google Analytics, the service we use to analyze the traffic on our website and what people read, thus allowing us to improve our content.
The cookies in the Cookies folder

TIP: You can double-click or double-tap an open folder (or click or tap the arrow next to it) to close it.

If you access the Cookies in the "" folder, you can see one or more cookies. These cookies are set by the Google Ad Manager service that we use to display ads on the website in order to generate revenue from our work.

The folder helps us get paid

Clicking or tapping on a cookie displays information about it in the lower half of the window, like its Name, Content, Domain, and Path.

How to clear specific cookies in Google Chrome

No matter the website, to clear its cookies in Google Chrome, it is easiest to first follow the steps from the previous section, and then select any cookie you want to eliminate. To delete cookies, Chrome provides a Remove button that you can use at the bottom of the pop-up "Cookies in use" window. Click or tap on it, and the cookie is removed.

Press the Remove button to clear a cookie

Use the same Remove button to clear cookies from a particular service, after selecting it.

TIP: The next time you visit the website, its cookies are stored again in Google Chrome. Use the Block button to prevent a certain service from creating cookies in the future.

Clear the cookies from a service in Google Chrome

When you are done removing everything you wanted, click or tap Done to close the list of Cookies in use.

Press Done to continue browsing

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps in the next sections to find a particular website or service among all the cookies stored by Google Chrome and to delete any or all of the related cookies.

How to see cookies in Chrome for all the websites you accessed

If you want to see all the cookies from all the websites you visited with Google Chrome, click or tap the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button from the top-right corner, that looks like three vertical dots. Then, go to Settings.

Press Settings from Chrome's menu

Click or tap on the "Privacy and security" tab from the column on the left-hand side or scroll down to find the section.

Access Privacy and security

In the "Privacy and security" section, click or tap on Site Settings.

Go to Site Settings

This displays a long list of permissions. Click or tap on the first option, "Cookies and site data."

Access Cookies and site data

You can now see the settings for how Google Chrome handles cookies. Click or tap on the "See all cookies and site data" option.

See all cookies and site data stored by Chrome

This displays all the sites and web services that have stored cookies in Google Chrome. The list might be huge when you've been using Google Chrome for months or years without reinstalling it or clearing its data. Luckily, you can use the Search option in the top-right corner to find the cookies you want to view.

TIP: Click or tap on the trash bin icon next to a website or service to delete all its cookies.

View all cookies and site data from Google Chrome

Click or tap on the name of the website or service that you are interested in. This opens a list of all the cookies stored in Google Chrome by that site or service. Clicking or tapping on a cookie shows more details like its Name, Content, and the Domain that stored it on your computer.

Access the cookies stored by a specific website

You can also click or tap on the X next to a cookie to delete it. Use the Remove All button to delete all the cookies stored by that site or service.

How to clear cookies in Chrome from All cookies and site data

After reviewing your stored cookies in Google Chrome using the steps in the previous section, you can clear them from the "All cookies and site data" page (which lists all the sites and services with stored cookies). Click or tap on the Remove All button at the top of the page.

Press Remove all to delete all the cookies stored

Confirm your choice in the pop-up by clicking or tapping on the Clear all button, and your cookies are deleted.

Confirm clearing all the cookies in Chrome

Why are you clearing the cookies on Google Chrome?

Cookies are a vital part of the internet. Without them, websites would not allow you to create accounts, let you log in, or remember your interests, and ads would be less relevant and even more annoying. On the web, most people have a love-hate relationship with the cookies stored inside their browser. Before you close this article, let us know your reasons for clearing the cookies on Google Chrome. Is it for privacy reasons or general computer maintenance and clean up? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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