How to use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot

When you are going on a trip or a vacation, you take your iPhone with you and, sometimes, also a laptop, a tablet or some other similar devices. What if the hotel where you are staying does not offer good quality Wi-Fi access, and you need or want to connect to the internet on your laptop? Well, if you have a generous data plan on your iPhone, you might want to share its internet connection with your other devices. Fortunately, turning your iPhone into a personal hotspot is easy to do. Read this tutorial and see how it is done:

How to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

To make your iPhone work as a Wi-Fi access point, you must configure a few things in the Settings app. So, start by opening Settings.

The Settings app on an iPhone

On the Settings screen, tap on Personal Hotspot.

The Personal Hotspot link from the Settings

NOTE: If you do not see the Personal Hotspot option, tap on Cellular or Mobile Data. There, you should get another link to Personal Hotspot.

The Personal Hotspot link from the Cellular settings

Either way, you should see the Personal Hotspot screen. The first thing on it is the Personal Hotspot switch.

However, before turning it On, we recommend that you change the default password assigned by iOS into something that is easier for you to remember. To do so, tap on Wi-Fi Password.

The Wi-Fi Password setting for the personal hotspot

Tap the new password that you want to assign to your iPhone's shared Wi-Fi network, and then press Done. You need to enter this password on the devices that you connect to your iPhone's Wi-Fi hotspot.

Choosing a different password for the personal hotspot

Also, you should check what name your personal hotspot has so that you can easily identify it when you connect other devices to it. The name of the hotspot is shown under the Personal Hotspot switch.

The name of the personal hotspot

Back on the Personal Hotspot, all that remains for you to do is to turn it On. Tap the Personal Hotspot switch.

The Personal Hotspot switch

Starting from this moment, your iPhone broadcasts your hotspot, which you can use on your other devices to connect to the internet, through your iPhone's data plan.

How to connect to your iPhone's personal WiFi hotspot

Connecting to the personal hotspot that you created on your iPhone is no different from connecting to any other wireless network.

If you want to connect from a Windows computer or device, but you don't know how, read the tutorials recommended below:

Furthermore, you can also connect to the iPhone hotspot on your other devices too, including your Android smartphones or tablets, for example.

Did you find it easy to create a personal hotspot on your iPhone?

We believe that it is easy to turn an iPhone into a personal WiFi hotspot, and share its internet connection with other devices, regardless of where you are. However, the downside is that it might cost you some money if you do not have a generous data plan on your iPhone. Make sure that you do not go above your monthly data traffic limit. Also, if you have any questions related to this subject, feel free to leave a comment below.

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