How To Change Document Layout In Microsoft Word For Android

Creating a document is not just about entering text and making it look the way you want it. If you want to have a neatly looking document, you will also want to set up its layout accordingly. It's also important to have the correct settings when you want to print the document, to ensure that it will print properly. Let's see how to access and modify a document's layout settings!

NOTE: Before going any further, in order to format paragraphs in your document, launch Word and create a new document and enter text, or open an existing one - follow the links for the required steps.

How To Change Document Margins In Microsoft Word For Android

As soon as you have your document open, tap the A icon from the menu bar.

Now tap the Home menu item to open up the list of additional menus.

Tap Layout on this list to access the various layout options.

To set up margins, tap Margins on the Layout menu.

The default setting is Normal, which is highlighted in gray. Tap Narrow, Moderate, Wide or Mirrored to apply the corresponding margins type.

For instance, this is how a document with narrow margins will look like.

How To Set A Document's Page Size In Microsoft Word For Android

Setting the correct page size for your document is crucial if you want to print it: you should select the size of the paper you will be printing it on, so the document's content will appear just as it does in Word. To set the page size, tap Size on the Layout menu.

Here you will see a list of sizes varying from American to ISO standards. Tap the one you need to use to set the page size accordingly.

Here you can see the document set to an A3 size - the difference is noticeable.

Unfortunately, in order to access the other three layout options - Orientation, Columns and Breaks - you will need a paid Office 365 subscription. Tapping any of them will notify you about this in a popup.

The popup clutters up the screen, but you can dismiss it: first tap the arrow on its right side.

Now tap the Dismiss button to close the notice. Of course you can also tap Learn more to open up the Office 365 purchasing options.


Compared to all the text formatting options Microsoft Word offers in Android, the features in the Layout menu are much more restricted. It is a real disappointment that you are forced to buy a subscription to change from a portrait to a landscape document. Of course, Office 365 offers much more than that, but this seems like an unnecessary barrier in the Android app.

Still, the available layout settings are very easy to use and the basic page setup options are enough to have you covered if you need to perform basic tasks with your document. There is a solid chance that most users won't really need to change paper orientation, or insert columns or breaks, so you won't be missing these features that much.

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