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Volume Mixer

Do you need a volume shortcut in Windows? We have two shortcuts for you!

  • misc
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 13.12.2017
Do you want a desktop shortcut for controlling the sound volume, on your Windows computer or device? Even though Windows offers many ways for changing the sound volume, some users prefer a plain old shortcut. If this is what you want, read this guide and...

Credential Manager is where Windows stores passwords and login details

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 10.11.2017
Do you know where Windows stores passwords and login details that you save when using this operating system? For example, you access a network share and you type a username and password, in order to access it. When you do that, Windows stores those details...
Game bar

Simple questions: What is TruePlay, how it works and how to enable it?

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 20.10.2017
Have you heard about a new Windows 10 feature called TruePlay or Game Monitor? If you like playing games a lot, and you use a Windows 10 computer for gaming, you have probably seen these terms referenced somewhere in Windows 10. Microsoft did not make...
People app

How to pin contacts to the taskbar or to the Start Menu of Windows 10

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 06.10.2017
In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft introduces many new features. One of the most interesting ones, from a productivity standpoint, is the fact that you can pin contacts to the taskbar and the Start Menu. That makes it easier and faster for you to...
Microsoft PowerPoint

How to embed MP3 and other audio files into PowerPoint presentations

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 22.08.2017
Many people need to create PowerPoint presentations for work, school or other reasons. Modern presentations are no longer a simple series of slides filled with text and pictures. In the media-rich world in which we live, PowerPoint presentations are often filled with video and audio...

How to unlink your Skype ID from your Microsoft account

  • tutorial
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 08.08.2017
A few years ago, we published a guide about unlinking your Skype ID from your Microsoft account. It was very popular with our readers, and it provided them with real help. However, as of early 2017, it stopped working because Microsoft has silently changed things,...
Windows logo

What were Windows Essentials and how can you install them today?

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 29.06.2017
Windows Essentials, also known as Windows Live Essentials, used to be a suite of useful Windows programs that were developed by Microsoft. The suite was free and included apps for e-mail management, instant messaging, photo management and sharing, blogging, and parental controls. Although Windows Essentials...