Download the 30 best free mouse cursors for Windows

Are you bored with the Windows user interface? Are you tired of its default customization options? Then maybe it is time for you to make your desktop look unique by downloading, installing, and using a new mouse cursor theme. There are plenty of cool cursors available on the internet. Most of the pointers are animated, some are excellent for gaming or inspired by games, others are simply well-designed and fresh. In this article, we are going to share with you thirty of the best free mouse pointer schemes for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Let's get started:

NOTE: You can install and use the following custom cursors in Windows 11, Windows 10, as well as older versions. Here’s how to tell what Windows you have. To make sure that the files are safe, we scanned them with ESET Internet Security.

How to install custom mouse cursors in Windows

Mouse schemes downloaded from the internet can usually be installed with the help of a file that is included in the archive file that you download. This file has an INF extension, and it’s usually named install.inf. Once you have downloaded the custom mouse cursor pack (usually a ZIP or RAR file), extract the files to a temporary folder on your computer or device, then follow the instructions from these tutorials, depending on whether the pack includes an INF installer file:

Also, if all you want is to change the size or color of your mouse pointers, not necessarily install custom new ones, read this tutorial: How to change the mouse pointer size and color in Windows.

Now, let’s look at what we think are the best free mouse pointers out there:

1. Numix Cursors

This is our favorite set of custom mouse cursors for Windows PCs. Numix pointers are smooth, elegant, and look entirely professional. Furthermore, the pack includes both dark and light versions of the cursors, and also install.inf files that you can run to easily install the mouse cursor theme you prefer.

Numix cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: Numix Cursors

2. Oxygen Cursors

Created for KDE, this mouse cursor set was ported to Windows and is one of the most famous mouse pointer sets of all time on DeviantArt. The set contains 37 different color schemes.

Oxygen Cursors

Mouse cursor download: Oxygen Cursors

3. Breeze Cursors for Windows

KDE is one of the most popular and beautiful desktop environments for Linux. Therefore, it also has some of the best mouse cursor themes you can find. That's what inspired the Breeze Cursors for Windows pack. It features gray pointers with white borders and some orange and blue variations. Take a look at them in the screenshot below and, if you like them, download and install them. Unfortunately, this pack does not have an INF file, so you have to set each of the cursors manually.

Breeze Cursors for Windows

Mouse cursor download: Breeze Cursors for Windows

4. macOS cursor pack for Windows

Are you a fan of MacOS? Did you recently switch to a Windows PC? Maybe you'd like to use some cursors that resemble the ones on your Mac. That's what macOS cursor pack for Windows gives you.

The mouse pointers look great, and there are different sizes and types to choose from.

macOS cursor pack for Windows

To download the cursor pack, go to the following webpage, tap or click on the green Code button, then on Download ZIP: macOS-cursors-for-Windows: With 2 types and 3 different sizes.

5. Windows 11 Cursors Concept v2

Since we presented a cursor pack similar to the ones used on macOS, it seems fair to show you one made specifically for Windows 11. The cursors come in two packs, Dark and Light, and both packs feature a clean design that perfectly matches the refreshed interface of Windows 11.

Windows 11 cursors pack

Download the cursors here: Windows 11 Cursors Concept v2 by rosea92

6. Android Material Cursors (Blue)

If you are an Android fan and you love Google's material design a lot, maybe you would enjoy a taste of it on your Windows computer too, by using the Android Material Cursors scheme. Fortunately, it also comes with an INF file, so it is easy to install it.

Android Material Cursors (Blue)

Mouse cursor download: Android Material Cursors.

7. Overwatch Pointer

Overwatch is currently one of the most popular first-person shooter games, with over 60 million players around the world. If you’re one of them, or if you like gaming cursors, you’ll love the Overwatch Pointer cursor pack.

Overwatch Pointer pack

You can get the standard pack here: Overwatch Pointer, and the black version here: Blackwatch Pointer.


GTCC is a custom cursor pack that offers clean and monochromatic pointers for Windows. The pointers are gray and have a curved appearance, unlike most other cursors in our list. Their shape has drawn our attention, and because we liked them, we believe some of you might too. Furthermore, you can easily install them on your Windows PC by running the install.inf file included in the pack.


Mouse cursor download: GTCC - cursor for Windows.

9. Opera Gx Cursor

Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser, built specifically for gamers. The browser has some unique features: CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, Discord & Twitch sidebars and more. It also has a very particular design, which is now matched by this excellent cursor pack:

The Opera GX cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: Opera Gx Cursor

10. Volantes Dark Cursor Set

Here’s another dark cursor pack that we like. The archive includes standard-sized cursors, as well as smaller versions.

Volantes Dark cursor set

Mouse cursor download: Volantes-Dark.

11. Metro X1 Animated Cursors Set

Okay, too many dark cursors in the list, time to liven things up a little. The Metro X1 package has quite a few multi-colored cursors, if that’s your thing:

Metro X Cursor Set

You can download the Metro X1 Cursor Set here: Metro X1 Animated Cursors Set.

12. Gant Cursor Pack

This cursor pack is based on the popular Gant icon set that is used for customizing Windows, Linux, etc. This pack of mouse cursors contains two color schemes: yellow and blue, and each of them has two cursor sets. In other words, there are a total of four sets of mouse cursors, located in four separate folders.

Gant Cursor Pack

Mouse cursor download: Gant Cursor Pack

13. VS cursor (version 2.0)

This mouse cursor theme features a clean and simple design, with just enough color to keep it interesting. The archive contains two separate cursor packs, one with shadows and one without.

VS cursors (version 2.0)

Mouse cursor download: VS cursor (version 2.0). The user who created this pack has also created quite a few other beautiful cursor packs. You can find all of them here: vladsukhetskyi - Interface Designer | DeviantArt.

14. Oxy-Neon Cursors

Do you want something more visible? Well, it doesn’t get much more visible than having neon-colored cursors. You have several colors to choose from: blue, orange, pink, red, white, and our favorite, ow-my-eyes green. Each set has its own installation file, so it’s super-easy to add the theme to your Windows device.

These icons are visible from across the room

Download the mouse cursor theme here: Oxy-Neon Cursors.

15. Kuttu and Chinnu cursors

If you’re tired of the same ol’ designer cursors, with fluid design and macOS look, here’s a pointer pack that’s the complete opposite: made with free lines and hand drawing, without any design rules in mind. The creator of this pack also draws cartoon characters, and it shows:

The cursors in this set look hand-drawn

Mouse cursor download location: cursors by anoop-pc.

16. Cursors Kawaii Cute Hello Kitty

For those who love the worldwide phenomenon that is Hello Kitty, here is a mouse cursor set featuring the cute Japanese icon. This cursor scheme does not contain an INF file. However, it can be used if you follow the recommendations shared in its description.

Hello Kitty cursors

Mouse cursor download: Kawaii Cute Hello Kitty. Please note that you have to wait 35 seconds before the download begins if you don’t want to create an account on the website.

17. Direction

Here is Direction, a more unusual set of mouse pointers, which you might enjoy. You can see how they look in the picture below.

Direction cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: Direction

18. Mario Gant

Here’s a set of high-quality custom cursors based on the Super Mario character. Pretty awesome, right?

Mario Gant

Mouse cursor download: Mario Gant

19. UNDERSized

A set of simple and small-sized cursors for those who like tiny mouse pointers.

UNDERSized cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: UNDERSized

20. Krystall CS

A unique and colorful mouse pointer set. This cursor pack does not include an INF file for easy installation. However, it can be used if you follow the recommendations shared in its description to assign each custom mouse cursor manually.

Krystall Cursor Pack

Mouse cursor download: Krystall CS

21. Anathema Pink Cursor

How do you feel about the color pink? If you like it, here’s an excellent animated cursor pack by Anaidon-Aserra. The pack has a clean, modern design and contains 15 cursors (plus a few bonus ones).

Anathema Pink Cursor pack

The pack is available for download here: Anathema Pink Cursor. The good news is that if you like the design but dislike the color, you can also download the set in red, blue, and white.

22. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a translucent mouse cursor set. If you want to see what is behind your mouse pointer, you should try this scheme. It uses material design and blends nicely with Windows’ flat UI.

Crystal Clear cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: Crystal Clear v4.1

23. StartCraft 2

Are you a StarCraft fan? If the answer is yes, the StarCraft 2 mouse cursor theme is precisely what you might need to complete your StartCraft computer customization. The only downside is the fact that this theme does not offer any installer, so to get it on your computer, you have to follow the steps from its readme file.

StartCraft 2 cursor pack

Mouse cursor download: StartCraft 2

24. Radium 2

If you're searching for a mouse cursor theme that's intricate and simple at the same time, look no further, as Radium 2 is probably what you want. The detailed design and the beautiful shapes of the custom cursors will surely make you want them on your desktop. Radium 2 also includes an INF file that you can use to install the custom cursor theme on your computer.

Radium 2 cursors

Mouse cursor download: Radium 2

25. Vigyori 2

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like emoticons? Why not try some emoticon-based mouse cursors? What could be better than seeing a smiling face each morning when you turn your computer on? For a brighter and happier desktop, try Vigyori (which, by the way, means Smile in Hungarian). ?

Vigyori cursors

Mouse cursor download: Vigyori (2nd version)

26. Cupcake

Have you ever wished for a mouse cursor pack that is so cute that your heart melts? OK, maybe not yours, if you are a tough guy, but your daughter's might, if you get the Cupcake mouse cursors on her Windows device.

Cupcake cursors

Mouse cursor download: Cupcake

27. Mickey Mouse

This is yet another cute cursor scheme designed primarily for children, but also for some nostalgic grown-ups. ? If your children love Mickey Mouse and everything about it, you can surprise them with these "cartoon mouse" cursors.

Mickey Mouse cursors

Mouse cursor download: Mickey Mouse

28. Hirochi Sunburst AWD Cursors

If you happen to be passionate about racing cars, you’ll recognize the cursors in this pack immediately. They are all based on the Subaru Impreza WRX, and their quality is excellent: the archive contains both standard and high-resolution cursor packs. You don’t get an installation file, but you can follow the tutorial presented in the introduction to this article to install them on your system.

The Hirochi Sunburst AWD Cursors are all about racing cars

Download the cursor pack here: Hirochi Sunburst AWD Cursors.

29. Warframe Cursor Pack 1

Warframe is a role-playing third-person shooter that has captivated the hearts and minds of many gamers. The game itself is free to play and features superb graphics, and these two features are also present on this cursor pack inspired by the game.

Warframe Cursor Pack 1

Mouse cursor download: Warframe Cursor Pack 1.

30. ASUS ROG Cursor Set

We end this list with a cursor pack made for fans of the ASUS ROG brand. The pack contains 17 cursors which can be installed manually on your computer.

ASUS ROG cursors

Download the cursor pack from here: ASUS ROG Cursor Set.

What is your favorite mouse cursor pack?

To create this article, we tried lots of mouse cursor schemes, and we shared the best we could find. We hope that you have enjoyed this roundup. If you did, do not hesitate to share it with others. Also, if you feel like searching for more mouse cursor schemes, you should try the Windows Cursors section from DeviantArt. It is a great place to start your search.

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