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File sharing

How To Share Files Between Smartphones & Windows PCs With Feem

  • tutorial
  • Attila Szász
  • 17.06.2015
Has it ever happened that you wanted to share some files between your smartphone and your computer, but you had no USB cable with you? If there was no Internet connection either, you probably had to use the slow and problematic Bluetooth. Thankfully, both your...
ASUS ZenFone 2

Reviewing ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE551ML - The ASUS Android Flagship

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 11.06.2015
ASUS is a renowned Taiwanese company and one of the largest computing devices manufacturers in the world. They focus primarily on the computer market but, for several years now, they also have been involved in the mobile consumer area. In the last few years, the...
Xiaomi Redmi 2

Reviewing Xiaomi Redmi 2 - A Chinese Budget Smartphone With Android

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 02.06.2015
While Xiaomi is not so well known in Europe or Americas, it is a very big name in Asia, especially when it comes to smartphones and other mobile devices. Recently, they launched a new budget Android smartphone that is also sold on western markets. It's...
Xiaomi Mi 4

Reviewing Xiaomi Mi 4 - The Chinese High End Android Smartphone

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 27.05.2015
Xiaomi is a chinese manufacturer that gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially in the Asian markets. In the rest of the world however, they are not very well known. As they began expanding, some of their devices arrived on the European markets....
Android apps

The Best Benchmark Apps For Android Smartphones And Tablets

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 21.05.2015
Here, at 7 Tutorials, we always want to test more and more devices each day. Recently, we asked ourselves… why wouldn't we also get into the Android business? So we did, but the first thing we had to do before being able to measure the...

Simple Questions: What Is The Clearblack Technology And Why Is It Great?

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 18.05.2015
Recently, some of our friends asked what ClearBlack is and why we always say it's so great. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell them anything else except that the ClearBlack screens available on our Lumias look really good. The "black is black" and you can see what's...
Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger

Reviewing The Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 18.11.2014
We have reviewed all kinds of devices here at 7 Tutorials, but never a portable USB charger. I recently had to go on a trip from Europe to the United States and I knew I would need one with me. Microsoft was kind enough to...

Create Free Custom Ringtones for Any Smartphone with Ringtone Maker

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 11.02.2013
Depending on the smartphone you are using, creating custom ringtones for it might not be that easy. Unfortunately, on systems like Windows Phone or iOS, the process involved is a bit more complicated, as ringtones need to meet specific requirements in terms of format, length,...