How to use the Voice Recorder in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Voice Recorderis one of the universal apps that are bundled with Windows 10, which you can use to make quick voice recordings every time you're on the go and you don't really need a professional recording device. You can find it on computers, laptops, 2-in-1 devices and smartphones with Windows 10. If you want to learn how Voice Recorder for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile works and how good it is at recording conversations, read this tutorial:

NOTE: Voice Recorder works the same in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This guide covers both operating systems and it applies both to PC users and smartphone users. Our screenshots are from both operating systems.

How to create a recording using Voice Recorder

Using the Voice Recorderapp is simple. In Windows 10, type "voice recorder" in Cortana's search box and click or tap the first result that shows up. You can also find its shortcut in the Apps list, by clicking on the Start button.

In Windows 10 Mobile, open the app by tapping its shortcut from the Apps list

When the app opens, in the center of the screen, you'll notice the Recordbutton. Press this button to start your recording. The screenshot below as well as other screenshots in this guide, feature this app in Windows 10 Mobile (on the left) and Windows 10 for PCs (on the right).

You can pause the recording at any time, with a press of the Pausebutton below. If you press the button one more time, the app will resume the recording.

Another thing you can do is mark certain parts of your recording, by pressing the flag button, placed at the right of the Pausebutton. You can place as many flags as you want, highlighting important parts from a long recording, so you can find them easily. Also, the flags might help you remember what parts you wish to remove from your recording.

When you are done recording, press the Stopbutton, at the center of the screen.

Your recording will now appear at the top of the list, along with other recordings you created. Under the recording name you see the date and the hour it was made.

How to view and play your recordings using Voice Recorder

Every time you open the app, a list of all your recordings is displayed, like in the screenshot below.

There are a few actions that you can perform on your recordings:

  • Play your recordings.
  • Trim your recordings.
  • Share your recordings.
  • Remove your recordings.
  • Rename your recordings.

To play a recording, tap on it and it will start playing. You can pause it at any time or add more flags as shown in the previous section of this article. All your markings will appear on the play bar.

How to trim a recording with Voice Recorder

You can easily remove certain parts of any recording. First, select it from the list of recordings and press the Trimbutton, placed on the lower menu bar.

Now, two markings will appear on the play bar. Drag them to select the starting point and the ending point. You can press the Playbutton to listen again to the part you are about to remove.

When everything is set, press the OKbutton, from the lower menu bar.

Now, you have two options. You can either Update originalor Save a copy.Choose the option that suits you best and you are done.

How to share your recordings from Voice Recorder

In Windows 10 for computers, you can right click or press and hold a recording in the list and press Sharefrom the drop-down menu or press the Sharebutton, while playing the recording from the lower menu.

In Windows 10 Mobile, press and hold the recording in the list and press Sharein the contextual menu. A second way to do this is to tap the recording and press the Sharebutton from the lower menu bar.

In Windows 10 Mobile, there are three sharing options available: you can share your recording through the Messaging, OneDriveor Outlook Mail apps.

In Windows 10, a panel will appear at the right of the screen and it will display Mail, OneDrive,and OneNoteas your sharing options. You can also look for other sharing apps in the Windows Store.

Read the next page of this guide to learn how to remove recordings from Voice Recorder, how to rename them, open them in File Explorer and how to set a microphone for the Voice Recorder app.