How to Generate a List with All the User Accounts Found in Windows

Do you need a quick way of listing all the user accounts that exist on a Windows PC or device? A method that works on all versions of Windows? You can use a quick command in the Command Prompt and learn this information or store it into a text file. Here's how it is done:

How to List User Accounts in Windows with Net User

Start the Command Prompt, type the command net user and press Enter.

The Command Prompt displays a list with all the user accounts existing on your computer, including hidden or disabled user accounts.

You can also store this list into a text file. Type net user > name of file.txt and a file with the name you provided is created under "C:\Users\Your User Name". To give you an example, in the screenshot below I have created a file named list.txt and I have typed net user > file.txt.

If you want to create a text file with the user list and have it stored in a specific location, type net user > "path to the file\name of file.txt". See the screenshot below for a quick example.

Complete documentation about the net user command and all its parameters, can be found here: How to Use the Net User Command.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you know other tips for generating a list with all the user accounts existing in Windows, don't hesitate to share it using the comments form below.