How To Edit Or Remove Your Recent Messages When Chatting On Skype

When when you chat online with someone, there are times when you misspell words or even say things without thinking and you could bring "disgrace upon yourself". Still, no need to worry anymore, because the Skype for desktop app offers you a great way to undo any harm done.This is one of the few chat services that allow you to edit or delete recent messages, before they are forever stored in your chat history and cause you a lot of anguish. Read on to learn how this hidden function works when using the Skype for desktop app.

How To Edit A Recent Message When Using The Skype For Desktop App

If you want to learn how to do this, surely you are already knee deep in the conversation area of the Skype for desktop app. Then, a brief moment of inattention or temporary insanity will make it necessary for you to edit a recent message. To do this, you need to right click on the troublesome message and then, simply select Edit Message.

The message you have just chosen to edit will be shown in the space designed for writing from the conversation area. You can now alter this problematic message in any way you deem necessary.

To apply your edit, click or tap on the Send icon, or simply press Enter and your old troublesome message will be replaced.

How To Delete A Recent Message When Using The Skype For Desktop App

Of course, there are, also, messages that need to disappear entirely, never to be seen again. Again, this is a situation that can be easily solved within the Skype for Desktop app. To do this, you need to right click on the message you have recently sent and then, simply select Remove Message.

You will be prompted to confirm your choice. Click Remove and the message will be deleted.

If you no longer want to be asked to confirm your choice each time you remove a message, check the box that says Do not ask me again, before pressing Remove.

The problematic message will be removed and the conversation area should look like this.

For How Long Can You Edit Or Remove Messages In The Skype for Desktop App

Information about the time frame of this option is a bit hard to find or figure out by yourself. Still, with the help of Skype's support service, we have managed to learn that Skype allows users to edit or delete any instant message within 60 minutes after it was sent. Therefore, don't wait too long if you want to change something you have said.

Also, we have discovered that you can only edit or remove messages from the computer or device that you have originally used for sending them. For example, if you have the Skype for Desktop app installed on your laptop, you can use it to edit or remove the messages that were sent from it. If you, then, log in on your Windows powered tablet, you will not be able to use it to edit or remove those messages. You will have to go back to your laptop and edit or remove a troublesome message.

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We have found this feature to be very useful in our text conversations and we strongly recommend it to all of you. Don't be careless and hope that your friends understand what you meant, even though your chat window is full of typos and misspelled words. Also, it is a good idea to delete any message that you are not proud of.