How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc)

When you search for something on the internet using the Microsoft Edge browser, by default, you'll see the results that are provided by Bing - Microsoft's search engine. Even though Bing is quite a good search engine, many people prefer to use Google, DuckDuckGo, Baidu or other search engines. If you want to change the default search engine used by Microsoft Edge, from Bing to something else, read this tutorial:

NOTE: We are big fans of DuckDuckGo, and we will use this search engine as an example for this tutorial. However, the steps involved are identical for any other search engine that you want to use as the default in Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Visit your favorite search engine and then open Microsoft Edge's settings

First, Microsoft Edge needs to visit the search engine that you want to set as the default. If you like Google, go to, if you like DuckDuckGo, go to, and so on. Now Microsoft knows that you have visited your favorite search engine and it will make it easy to set it as the default, instead of Bing.

The next step is to open the settings for Microsoft Edge. To do that, click or tap "Settings and more" button on the top-right corner. It looks like three dots. In the menu that opens, click or tap Settings.

Step 2: Access Microsoft Edge's advanced settings

Scroll down the list of essential settings, until you find the Advanced settings section. There, click or tap the "View advanced settings" button.

One more screen of settings and you are almost done.

Step 3: Change the search engine from Bing to Google, DuckDuckGo or something else

A long list of advanced settings is shown for Microsoft Edge. Scroll down to the "Privacy and services" section. There you will find the "Change search engine" button. Press on it.

Microsoft Edge now displays all the search engines that you have visited in the past. Bing is selected as the default.

Click or tap the search engine that you want to use and then press "Set as default."

The selected search engine is now the default for Microsoft Edge.

Which search engine do you prefer using?

From now one, each time you type a keyword in the Microsoft Edge's address bar and press Enter, your favorite search engine is used to perform the search. Before closing this article, do share with us your favorite search engine. Do you use Google, DuckDuckGo or another search engine? We are looking forward to your comments below.