How to change the Microsoft Edge home page and startup page

In the new Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge, you can change the home page and the startup page. However, the Microsoft Edge home page is only opened when you click or tap the Home button, which you first need to enable on your toolbar. As indicated by its name, the startup page loads every time you open the Edge browser. Better yet, you can add several startup pages, and they all become available when you launch the app. Read this guide to find out how to change the Microsoft Edge home page and set one or more startup pages for easy access to your favorite websites:

How to set a homepage on Microsoft Edge

There’s no point in showing you how to set a homepage in Edge without explaining how to display the Edge Home button. Luckily, both options are available in the same location. First, start Microsoft Edge, click or tap on “Settings and more” (...) from the top-right corner, and access Settings from the menu that opens.

Click or tap on Settings

In the left sidebar, access the Appearance tab - if you can’t see the panel, maximize the Microsoft Edge window or press on the top-left hamburger button, next to Settings. The options you’re looking for are displayed on the right, in the Customize toolbar section. First, click or tap on the “Show home button” setting to activate the switch next to it. The Home button is immediately displayed in the top toolbar, to the left of the address bar. As you can see below, its icon looks like a house.

Enabling the Home button in Microsoft Edge

The default homepage for Microsoft Edge is the “New tab page, which means that pressing the Home button opens a new tab.

To change the Microsoft Edge home page to your favorite website or webpage, first select the Enter URL option displayed under “Show home button.

Select the Enter URL option

Next, in the Enter URL field, insert the address of the website you want to set as your homepage in Edge, and then click or tap on Save.

Setting the homepage in Microsoft Edge

Clicking or tapping the Edge Home button takes you to the website you entered. You can hide this button for more room on your toolbar and still access your home page with the keyboard shortcut Alt + Home.

The keyboard shortcut to access the Edge home page

TIP: Did you know that Microsoft Edge includes other ways to save and access websites, like the Favorites bar and the Collections?

How to set the Edge start page(s) displayed when you launch the app

If you want Microsoft Edge to load your favorite page(s) whenever you open the app, go to the browser’s Settings, as shown in the previous chapter, and then access On startup from the left panel. On the right, select “Open a specific page or pages” and click or tap on the “Add a new page” button.

Start adding a new page to open On startup in Edge

In the “Add a new page” pop-up window, type the website you want to set as the Edge start page and click or tap Add.

Add a new startup page in Microsoft Edge

Repeat the process to add more pages On startup. Alternatively, you can also open the pages you want in separate tabs and click or tap on the “Use all open tabs” button.

Add all the open tabs as startup pages

The next time you start the Microsoft Edge app, it immediately loads the favorite page(s) you added.

TIP: Our guide on tab management in Edge can be helpful if you’re usually working with multiple tabs.

What did you use as the Edge home page and startup page?

We use our website both as a start page and a home page in Microsoft Edge. What about you? What pages did you end up using? Are you using more than one startup page? What about the Home button? Did you enable it, or do you prefer the shortcut? Let us know in the comments below.

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