How to set a page or more as your homepage in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new web browser for the Windows operating system starting with Windows 10. It has replaced Internet Explorer, and it has a completely new rendering engine that works well with modern web standards. One of the settings that can be customized is selecting the page or pages that are opened when you start Microsoft Edge. Let’s see how to customize your home page, or start pages, in Microsoft Edge:

The options you have for the pages that open when you start Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has four options for the pages that can be set to load once the browser starts:

  • Start page – a page with a Bing search box and a news feed powered by the MSN service.
  • New tab page – it’s similar to the Start page, with the difference that it also includes a list with your top most visited websites between the search box and the news feed.
  • Previous pagesMicrosoft Edge remembers the tabs you had opened the last time you closed it, and it opens them again when you start it.
  • A specific page or page – You specify the exact page or pages that you want to be opened every time Microsoft Edge starts.

To set up any one of these options, you first need to launch Microsoft Edge.

Once the browser loads, click or tap the Settings and more button (three dots) in the top right corner of Microsoft Edge. Next, click or tap Settings to access the browser’s configuration panel.

Open Settings in Microsoft Edge

The homepage can be set by choosing an option in the drop-down list of the “Open Microsoft Edge with” section.

Select the option for Open Microsoft Edge with

For the first three options (Start page, New tab page, Previous pages) select the option you want and the setup is completed. From now on, every time you open Microsoft Edge, you get the page(s) set by your selection.

For the fourth option (A specific page or pages) we need a few more steps to manage it, and we cover this in the next section of this tutorial.

How to set one or more custom homepages in Microsoft Edge

Continuing the procedure started in the previous chapter, select A specific page or pages in the drop-down list of the “Open Microsoft Edge with” section. Under the drop-down list, a new field appears where you enter the URL of the website you want to be opened at the startup of Microsoft Edge. When you finish typing the address of the website, press the Save button next to it.

Add a specific page when opening Microsoft Edge

You can keep adding more websites by clicking each time “Add new page” and following the same procedure as for the first one.

Add a new start page in Microsoft Edge Settings

When you finish, the websites you want to be opened are listed one under the other in the settings panel.

List of the specific pages for starting Microsoft Edge

If you change your mind and want to get rid of one of the pages, press the X button (Delete) next to it.

How to delete a start page in Microsoft Edge

This is it! Next time when you start Microsoft Edge, it starts using the page(s) that you have set.

What pages do you like to open automatically when you start Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is better than Internet Explorer ever was, and it also fares better concerning speed and support for modern web standards. Its configuration panel is not complicated, and setting the start pages is a simple process. After reading our tutorial, you should not have any issues setting things the way you want. Before you close this article, share with us your thoughts on Microsoft Edge. Do you like this browser? What pages do you like to open automatically when you start Microsoft Edge? Comment below and let’s discuss.

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