Give feedback to Microsoft right now, using the Windows Feedback app

After their failure with Windows 8, Microsoft started to listen more to its users and testers. Now they ask for feedback on pretty much anything from the Windows features we don't like to the apps that we want improved. Windows 10 comes with a neat little app called Windows Feedback that anyone can use to provide feedback to Microsoft about anything that's related to this operating system. In this article, we'll show you how Windows Feedback works and how to use it to make Windows 10 better.

How to open Windows Feedback in Windows 10

In order to be able to send your feedback to Microsoft, you need to first open the Windows Feedback app. One way to do that is to click or tap on its shortcut from the All apps list in Start Menu.

You can also search for feedback using Cortana's search box from the taskbar. Once the search result are displayed, click or tap the Windows Feedback search result.

And, of course, you can also use your computer's microphone and ask Cortana to "open Windows Feedback".

Regardless of the method you choose for launching the Windows Feedback app in Windows 10, once you do it, you will have to Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Windows Feedback will check if you already have any Microsoft accounts set up on your computer. If you want to use one of the Microsoft accounts found on your computer, click or tap on it. If you don't, you can manually enter the details of another Microsoft account that you want to use with Windows Feedback.

Once you've signed in with a Microsoft account, the Windows Feedback app will say Hi!. Read the welcoming note and then click or tap OK.

Introductory recommendations for using Windows Feedback

The only purpose of Windows Feedback is to provide an easy way for users to give feedback to Microsoft about Windows 10 and all its features and components. However, many users might have the same suggestions or might encounter the same problems. That's why, Windows Feedback also includes a browsing and voting system for users to be able to check whether their feedback is already on Microsoft's table, or if it's something completely new.

Before you decide giving new feedback to Microsoft, you should always check whether it's already reported or suggested by others before you. To do that, you can either browse through the topics listed inside Windows Feedback , or you can search for your problem or suggestion. Read the next section in this guide to learn how to do that.

Windows Feedback: How to browse and search the existing user feedback

Once you've opened the Windows Feedback app and you signed in with your Microsoft account, you can see a list of various topics on which you can provide feedback to Microsoft. Here's a sample of how the Windows Feedback app could look like:

The Windows Feedback app is split into two main sections:

  • On the left, there's the Categories part of the app, which lists all the various Windows system features and topics on which you can give feedback to Microsoft.
  • And on the right side of the window, there's a "Search for feedback" field at the top, as well as independent feedback topics that were collected by Microsoft from users all over the World. At the bottom there's an "Add new feedback" button.

The Categories section from the left lists all the different Windows system features and settings for which you can provide feedback. You can browse freely among all these topics and you can see every bit of feedback that users have reported in the past, the right side panel. The feedback details on the right side of the window are sorted and can be filtered by different criteria.

For instance, if you have a special interest on the latest problems users reported about Cortana, you can click/tap on Cortana and search in the Categories menu and then click/tap on the Most recent sort option from the right. Then, Windows Feedback will load the latest problems reported by users while working with Cortana.

If you don't have the time or patience to browse through other users' feedback, you can always use the search function box Windows Feedback. To do that, enter the feedback you want in the "Search for feedback" field from the top of the window. The app will automatically update the list of results from below the field. Just like when browsing the feedback given by users, here too, you can sort and filter the search results as you see fit.

Windows Feedback: How to vote for pressing issues that should be fixed by Microsoft

If the suggestion or problem you have has already been reported by others and you found the feedback in Windows Feedback , you can vote for it by clicking or tapping on the + Upvote button under the feedback subject. If enough users vote for the same feedback, it will get to the top of the list and, probably, Microsoft will make it a priority to find a solution or fulfill your suggestion.

In the screenshot below, you can see that many people want "Microsoft Edge extensions such as adblock". We want that too, so we upvoted this feedback.

Windows Feedback: How to give your feedback to Microsoft

If you have new feedback for Microsoft, feedback that hasn't been submitted by other users, you should definitely share it with Microsoft and their community of users. To do that, click or tap the "Add new feedback" button from the bottom of the Windows Feedback window.

Windows Feedback will load a dialog called "New feedback" , in which you can enter all the details of your Suggestion or Problem. For instance, we'd like to be able to use the Bing and Windows Spotlight images as wallpapers for our Windows 10 computers. And we'd like to be able to use different wallpapers for each Virtual Desktop we use. Here's a sample of how you would send this feedback using Windows Feedback.

Take care not to enter personal details in your feedback, because all the details are public and anyone can see them. When you're done entering all the details of your feedback, click or tap the "Post feedback" button to send it to Microsoft.


The fact that Microsoft provides all Windows 10 users with the Windows Feedback app by default is a very good approach. It's a very easy way of sending feedback to the developers of Windows 10 about any problem or suggestion you might have about the operating system, its features and default apps. And, if Microsoft truly listens to our feedback, it increases our chances of having a pleasant experience when using Windows 10. Try Windows Feedback app and share your feedback with Microsoft. Which are the problems that you want fixed or the features that you want improved?