2 ways to change screenshots on Android from PNG to JPG and back!

By default, the core Android operating system saves all screenshots using the PNG file format. Some smartphone manufacturers, like ASUS, change this behavior and store screenshots as JPEG files. You may want to change the file format used for screenshots, from PNG to JPG or back from JPG to PNG. To help you, we have two solutions that work on Android smartphones and tablets:

1. Check your Android smartphone's settings (it works on some devices)

Open the Settings on your Android smartphone or tablet. In the search field on the top, start typing the word "screenshot." If the search function returns a result such as "Screenshot file format," tap on it.

IMPORTANT: If your search does not return anything similar to the results above, it means that your version of Android does not allow you to change the file format for screenshots, and you should check solution number two. Scroll down this guide to find it.

After you tap on "Screenshot file format," you are taken to a list of settings. Tap on "Screenshot file format" one more time.

Now you can change the file format to JPEG or PNG, depending on what you want to use.

Close the Settings app when done, and press Volume Down + Power buttons to take a screenshot in the new file format.

2. Install a third-party app for taking screenshots, like Screen Master (works on all Android devices)

If you have arrived at this solution, it means that your Android device does not allow you to change the file format used for taking screenshots, from the Settings app.

Your only solution, in this case, is to open Google Play and look for third-party screenshot taking apps. One of the best we have used is Screen Master: Screenshot & Photo Markup. Install it and open it. Set the way you want the app to work, in the home screen, and then tap the Settings button on the top-right.

You are shown a list of advanced settings which includes the default image file format for screenshots. Tap "Image file format."

Choose the file format that you want to use: JPG or PNG.

To get a great user experience from this app, you should familiarize yourself with all its settings, and experiment with it, until it works the way you like it. Also, do not forget to tap the "Turn on Screen Capture" button on its homepage. Otherwise, the app will not be used for taking screenshots. Android will make them for you, using its default settings and file format.

How did you change the file format for screenshots?

We hope that we have managed to help you find a solution that works well. If we did not, and you had to find another way, please let us know how you solved this issue. We want to know so that we can update this article and be more useful to our readers. Thank you!