5 best Night Light apps for Android which help you fall asleep

The twenty first century made a lot of humans "attached" to smartphones - those technological wonders that manage to make almost every person look down at them over and over again: at work, in bed, in the subway, in airplanes, cafes, everywhere. Besides all the good they bring to the world, smartphones also have the ugly power of tiring our eyes and keeping us from sleeping well. This happens mostly because we tend to use our smartphones and look at their screens right until we fall asleep. That's not good because the blue light their screens emit affects our circadian rhythm which impairs our ability to fall asleep. Unless you plan on not using your Android smartphone or tablet for a few hours before you go to bed, a solution to reduce the negative effects of the blue light emitted by it, is to install and use an app that filters it. We tried some of the most popular apps from this niche, and we've ended up with a few which we consider the best:

1. Twilight

One of the best apps you'll find in the Google Play Store for filtering blue light, is called Twilight. To block the blue light emitted by your Android smartphone or tablet, it applies a red filter over your screen. Additionally, it can also dim the screen brightness to reduce the strain on your eyes even more. The filter can be applied automatically at night, you can schedule during the times you choose, and you can also turn it on or off manually. If you choose to automatically enable the filter at night, Twilight will do that based on your local sunset and sunrise times, which is great.

Download: Twilight

2. Blue Light Filter - Night Mode

Another good alternative that will limit the blue light emitted by your Android smartphone or tablet, is Blue Light Filter - Night Mode. It can dim your screen's brightness and apply a screen filter that changes the colors displayed into colors that feel more natural. In fact, you can even choose the type of natural light that you want the app to use: Night shift, Candlelight, Dawn, Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp or Sunlight. Of course, you can also adjust the filter intensity manually, if you prefer.

Download: Blue Light Filter - Night Mode

3. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is a very simple app that doesn't dim your screen's brightness to protect your eyes. It only changes the colors displayed to warmer ones, with less blue. It can be turned on and off manually, you can adjust the intensity of the filter applied, and you can also choose to use one of the seven predefined filter colors.

Download: Bluelight Filter for eye Care

4. Bluelight Filter - Night Mode

Possibly the simplest Android app designed to reduce blue light, the Bluelight Filter - Night Mode app does what it says and nothing more. It offers five different filter colors and you can use a slider to increase or decrease the filter intensity, but that's about all there is about it. No automation options, no screen dimming, and, unfortunately, half a screen of ads, if you use the free version. However, it's very easy to use and it works well, so it's a better option than others.

Download: Bluelight Filter - Night Mode

5. Night Owl - Screen Dimmer

Night Owl - Screen Dimmer is an Android app that, in order to reduce the blue light emitted by your device, dims the backlight of the screen and also applies a color filter on it. It can be turned on manually as well as automatically, based on a schedule of your choosing. It is able to turn on automatically at night, using the sunrise and sunset times of your location, but unfortunately this is a premium feature, available only if you buy the app. One thing that we found interesting is the fact that it offers you the option to use an "advanced filter", meaning that you can manually choose the red, green, and blue colors values of the filter.

Download: Night Owl - Screen Dimmer


The apps we recommended for you in this article are all good at their job. They are all able to limit the amount of blue light emitted by your Android smartphone or tablet. However, some of them offer more options and settings than others. We believe you will find one that will be perfect for you. Try them out and keep the one you like best. Then, share your choice with us, in the comments below.