Most of the users aren’t probably aware of the fact that every file in your computer stores a set of information about its source, author and other important details, depending on its type, called metadata. So, you can say that metadata represents “data about data”. Windows allows you to add some me...
Resource Monitor
Do you know about the Performance Monitor, also known as PerfMon.exe or PerfMon.msc? It is a complex tool used to do just what it sounds like it does: it monitors the performance of your Windows computer or device. Using it, you can see how your computer manages its resources. The information it giv...
Whether you use a laptop or a desktop PC, you surely rely on your mouse or on your touchpad every day, as working with Windows essentially implies the use of one of these devices. Even when you use a tablet you can connect a mouse to it, if that makes things easier for you, so it is important to con...
When you first use apps from the Windows Store, it might not be easy to figure out how to close them, so that they no longer use system resources. If you are lucky and you have a keyboard, closing apps takes seconds but what if you are stuck using your finger on a screen with touch? What if you want...
Network sharing
Very few people pay attention to how Windows is set when it comes to network sharing, what is shared with the network and how. Luckily, both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 offer a panel that allows you to control every important setting, so that file network sharing is enabled only when you are connecte...
Do you need to know how many keys you press in a day? What about how many clicks you make with your mouse? Do you want to get stats about how you use your computer? Luckily, there is an app called WhatPulse which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, that you can use to gather the necessary data to...
Microsoft Edge
Most people like to personalize their devices and tools and that applies to web browsers too. Although Microsoft Edge didn’t offer support for extensions when Windows 10 was initially launched, now it does and the Windows Store has them available for you to download and install. If you like Microsof...
One of our readers asked us: “How do you print the list of running processes from the Task Manager?”. The answer is... you can’t do this from the Task Manager, not even in Windows 10. In order to print such a list, you need to use the Command Prompt or PowerShell and run some commands to generate th...
Network card
There are cases when you need to know the MAC address of your Windows computer or device. To help you in those situations, we are sharing 6 methods that you can use to locate this information. Some of them are quick while others require quite a bit of clicking. Read this guide and then use the metho...
App windows
Sometimes you need to open multiple windows of the same app and work with them in parallel. For example, you may need to have two or three windows of Microsoft Word opened so that you can create multiple documents. Or, you may need to open several File Explorer instances, so that it is easier to tra...
Check Disk
Windows has included the Check Disk tool for a long time now. With it, you can check the partitions and drives in your computer for disk errors, bad sectors and so on. You can also use this tool to repair those errors and have your drives working normally again. Unfortunately, to make things confusi...
We all want our files to be organized, so that it's easy to find any application when we need it. Because of that, the new Start Menu from Windows 10 has all its tiles and shortcuts organized in groups. By default, you'll see only two groups, Life at a glance and Play and explore, but you should kno...