Default apps
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 have a whole new way of setting default apps for things like e-mail, playing videos, music, viewing pictures and so on. You no longer use the Control Panel like you used to, in Windows 7. Instead, you use the new PC Settings (Windows 8.1) and Settings (Windows 10) apps. He...
Start Menu
The Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10 has a feature called World Clock, which allows you to view the time from different locations around the world, compare it and other cool things. If you need this feature relatively often and you find it annoying to open the app every time you need to check th...
World Clock
Most of us have friends, coworkers or family members living in other time zones. And since it’s hard to keep track of the time in multiple countries around the world, you may end up calling them at an inappropriate hour. Luckily, you can use the Alarms & Clock app in Windows 10, to check the Wor...
Simple questions: What is VPN?
You have probably heard about VPN's, but there is a high possibility you have not used this type of services until now. Well, we have to tell that you should and as soon as possible. You will not see its true value now, but over time, you will most probably find VPN's as important as your Internet c...
Reinstall Windows 10 default apps
A while ago, we wrote a tutorial in which we explained how to uninstall any or even all the default built-in apps from Windows 10. Apps like Calendar, Mail, Camera, Photos and so on. We also promised to write a guide in which we showed you how to get them all back, if you changed your mind or you ne...
The first major update to Windows 10, codenamed "Threshold 2" has introduced a couple of new features, including one that was first introduced by Microsoft in the world of Windows Phone devices. It's called Find My Device and, when turned on, allows Windows 10 to regularly check and store your locat...