Start Menu
The Start Menu from Windows 10 is one of the most customizable parts of the operating system. And that’s a good thing, considering that it’s used often, by all users. The “Recently added” apps list is a section of the Start Menu that was designed to make it easier for us to access the apps and progr...
The taskbar has been with us for a very long time, and it’s still present in Windows 10, although lots has changed about it. The taskbar is one of the most useful parts of the Windows desktop and, as such, it deserves to be customized so that it fits your needs. If you’re curious about what can be p...
Start Menu
In Windows 10, the Start Menu made a comeback and, just like in Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows, you can use it to arrange apps and shortcuts the way you like to, so that you can quickly access the ones you use the most. In this article we're going to show you how to resize app tiles and...
Windows Defender
Windows Defender - the built-in antivirus from Windows 10 - has received a new feature called enhanced notifications. It is going to prove quite helpful for most users because these notifications provide useful information and transparency about the activities performed in the background by Windows...
Close to its one year anniversary, Windows 10 is found on hundreds of millions of computers and devices. Looking at how the Settings app has become a whole lot more important than ever before, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you all the methods we know for launching it. This is a ro...
Notification area
The notification area on the taskbar, also known as the system tray, has been in Windows for quite a long time. It kept on improving and helping users get easy access to system functions, system notifications and applications, in all Windows versions, starting with Windows 95. It's still here in Win...
Earlier versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7 had the option to set a specific network to be either Public or Private. If you want to find other computers, devices or any other content available on your network, then you should set it as Private, or if you don't want to, switch its lo...
Sometimes, things break or no longer work well, for no apparent reason. That can happen to Windows 10 apps as well, not only to the operating system. But don’t worry, there is more than just one way to make your apps behave, and one of them is to reset installed apps to their default state. Although...
Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
The addition of the Linux Bash command line environment to Windows 10 came as a surprise for many, us included. Although it’s a tool intended to be used mainly by developers, regular users seem to be interested in this feature too, so we thought it would make sense if we show you how Bash on Ubuntu...
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft officially released Windows 10 a year ago and, at that time, they promised that their Microsoft Edge web browser would soon support add-ons or extensions. Although it took them a lot more time than we had been expecting, now Microsoft Edge finally gets the extension support that was promis...
QR codes have a history that’s both good and bad. Some people and companies love them and use them quite often, while others don’t like them or think that they’re dangerous. Regardless on which side you’re on, if you’re using Windows 10, and if you have the misfortune of getting a blue screen of dea...
Windows Update
Traditionally, the updates for any Windows device were delivered directly from Microsoft's Windows Update servers. While this is the most secure way of getting untampered files, it's not the fastest delivery method that you can use. Windows 10 computers and devices can connect to each other and get...