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Review ASUS VivoPC X - Experience the smallest VR-ready gaming PC

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 27.04.2017
Recently, ASUS launched their first compact desktop PC designed for Virtual Reality (VR). It's called ASUS VivoPC X, and it's a computer the size of a gaming console, with the power of a full-fledged desktop gaming PC. It has a powerful processor, a high-end graphics...

Reviewing ASUS RT-AC58U - Is it a top-notch AC1300 wireless router?

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 19.04.2017
ASUS RT-AC58U AC1300 is a new router that aims to compete in the crowded space of wireless routers that cost somewhere between 100 and 150 USD. It stands out because it includes a new quad-core processor that is included in very few routers. This processor...
Samsung 750 EVO

Reviewing the Samsung 750 EVO - high-performance for moderate pricing

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 17.04.2017
Solid state drives (SSD) are one of the best solutions for improving the performance and the speed of our computers. That's because they are always faster than traditional hard drives with spinning discs. One of the major SSD manufacturers today is Samsung, a company which...
Nokia 150

Reviewing the Nokia 150 - The return of feature phones?

  • review
  • Tudor Dan
  • 13.04.2017
Ah, Nokia. The brand that connected so many people back in the nineties. The brand that soared so high in the mobile communications market, only to dip to unimaginable lows in the last few years. Under the new ownership of Foxconn and HMD global, the...
Game Bar

2 ways to change the keyboard shortcuts for the Game Bar in Windows 10

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 10.04.2017
In Windows 10 Creators Update, the new Game Bar makes every gamer's life a bit easier and more pleasant. This tool lets you record game clips, take screenshots and even live stream your gameplay. All these are possible just by pushing a few keys on...
Windows 10

What is Windows 10 Creators Update and why should you install it?

  • misc
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 03.04.2017
When Windows 10 was released for the first time, Microsoft said that this would be their last operating system. And they have kept their promise up until now: they have developed no new operating systems. However, that doesn't mean that Windows 10 is stalling. Quite...

What version of Java do I have installed? 3 Ways to learn the answer

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 29.03.2017
The Java runtime software for Windows computers and devices is responsible for allowing us to run programs and apps that were developed using Java. Because many apps still use Java, you probably already have it installed on your Windows PC. Either because you've installed it...

Reviewing the ASUS BRT-AC828 - For businesses that want more!

  • review
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 28.03.2017
When installing a wireless router in a business environment, you ask a lot more from it than when using a similar device designed for the consumer market. First of all, you expect improved reliability: you need it to be capable of handling more client connections...

11 things you can do to fix webcam issues on Skype

  • tutorial
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 25.03.2017
Are you having problems with your webcam while using Skype? You can hear the people to whom you speak, but they can't see you? Or maybe the only thing they can see are blurred lines or gray images? Whether you use an external webcam that's...

PowerLinks ads put millions of readers at risk, from major publications

  • news
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen
  • 20.03.2017
Readers of major websites like Vice News, CNET, The Verge, Neowin and more, have been exposed to security risks since 2015 because the ads they run from the PowerLinks advertising platform use expired SSL certificates. Here's what is going on, what you are exposing yourself...
Windows Security

5 things you can do with the new Windows Defender Security Center

  • misc
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 14.03.2017
Windows Defender is Microsoft's in-house antivirus product, and it has been protecting users for a long time now. However, in Microsoft's Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, its interface and usability didn't improve much. Luckily, good times have come to it too, and in Windows 10...
ASUS VivoMini UN65U

Reviewing ASUS VivoMini UN65U - A small PC with a big heart

  • review
  • Codrut Neagu
  • 06.03.2017
Some people love a clean, tidy and clutter-free working space more than anything. If you're one of them and you do most of your work on the same desk every day, using a big desktop PC, you might want to consider the idea of buying...