How to set a page or more as your homepage in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's latest desktop operating system - Windows 10 - came with a bunch of new features, one of which is being a completely new web browser: although Internet Explorer is still part of the system, the default and recommended browser is Microsoft Edge. This new application doesn't have many features yet, but it is fast and stable, and its most important features can be customized. One of these is setting one or more websites as your homepage or setting up a preset page as the homepage. Let's see how to customize the homepage any way you want, in Microsoft Edge:

How to choose a preset homepage in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has three preset homepages that can be set to load once the browser starts:

  • Start page - a page with a search box and a news feed powered by MSN.
  • New tab page - it's similar to the Start page, with the difference that it also shares a list with your top most visited websites.
  • Previous pages - Microsoft Edge remembers the tabs you had opened the last time you closed it and it opens them again when you start it.

To set up one of these preset homepages, you will first need to launch Edge. To do so, first click or tap the Start button in the bottom left corner of the Windows 10 Desktop. Then, click or tap All Apps , scroll down the list of apps to the letter M and click or tap the Microsoft Edge shortcut.

Once the browser loads, tap the More button (three dots) in the top right corner of the window.

Here, click or tap Settings to access the browser's configuration window.

The homepage can be set by choosing an option in the Open with section. The first three settings are the preset pages of Microsoft Edge.

You can choose Start page which will display news from MSN, New tab page to display content usually present on newly opened tabs or Previous pages to have Edge remember your open tabs when closing it, and reopen them when launching it again.

How to set a custom homepage in Microsoft Edge

If you want to set a custom website or more as the homepage of Microsoft Edge, you can do that too. In order to do that, open the Settings , as shown in the previous section of this guide and go to the Open with list. Now choose the fourth option under Open with , which is " A specific set of pages".

Open the list below by clicking or tapping on it.

You can select MSN or Bing to set these websites as your homepage, or choose Custom to set your own set of pages.

Here you will have about:start already set up as a homepage. This is the standard Start page in Microsoft Edge. To add another website, first type its address in the box labeled " Enter a web address".

Click or tap the + icon to add this site to your set of homepages.

You now have two pages added to your set: about:start and the website that you have added.

You can keep adding more by entering their address in the " Enter a web address" box and clicking or tapping the + icon. To remove a website from the set of homepages, tap the X icon near its address.

If you want a single website as your homepage, just remove anything else from this list except your website.

That's it! The next time you start Microsoft Edge, it will start using the page(s) that you have set.


Microsoft Edge is a web browser still in its early stages of development, meaning that it lacks many features like support for extensions. Despite its shortcomings, it is a better application than Internet Explorer ever was and it also fares better in terms of speed and support for modern web standards.

The basic features are already present and they are very simple to use. The configuration panel is not complicated, and setting a homepage, or a set of homepages is a very simple process. After reading our tutorial, you should not have any issues setting things the way you want.

Before you close this article, share with us your opinion about Microsoft Edge. Do you like this new browser? What feature would you like to see the most in an upcoming update?