How to open, move, close, refresh, duplicate, and reopen tabs in Microsoft Edge

Tab management is not exactly an exciting thing to do in your web browser but, when you have opened too many tabs at the same time, you have to do it. In this tutorial we share everything you need to know about tab management in Microsoft Edge: opening new tabs, closing tabs, reopening closed tabs, moving them and so on. There is quite a bit of ground to cover so let’s get started:

1. How to open tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you want to open a new tab, click or tap the + button next to the last tab in Microsoft Edge, found on the top side of the window.

An alternative way to open a new tab is to press the Ctrl + T keys on your keyboard.

It is also good to know that, on devices with physical keyboards like laptops or desktop PC’s, if you press and hold the Ctrl key, and then you click or tap on a website link, that website is opened in a new tab. The same thing also happens if you click the scroll wheel (or middle button) of your mouse while you have the mouse pointer on a link.

2. How to close a tab in Microsoft Edge

If you want to close a tab, click or tap the x button on the right side of that tab.

Alternatively, you can close a tab by using the Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 keyboard shortcuts.

3. How to close multiple tabs in Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, you can close multiple tabs simultaneously. If you want to close all tabs except one, right click or press and hold the tab that you want to keep and choose “Close other tabs.”

You can choose to close all tabs to the right of a specific tab. If you want that, right-click or press and hold a tab and select “Close tabs to the right.”

4. How to reopen closed tabs in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser allows you to reopen the last tab you closed. If you want to do this, right-click or press and hold on any tab and, in the contextual menu, click or tap “Reopen closed tab.”

It is worth noting that, if you closed more than just one browser tab, you could repeat this action to reopen all the closed tabs, one by one.

5. How to refresh tabs in Microsoft Edge

If you want to refresh a webpage, you need to press the button that bears the same name, on the address bar.

Alternatively, if you have a keyboard, you can also press the F5 key or simultaneously press the Ctrl + R keys.

Microsoft Edge also has an option through which you can refresh all open tabs simultaneously. To use it, right-click or press and hold on a tab. Then, click or tap on “Refresh all tabs,” in the contextual menu.

6. How to duplicate tabs in Microsoft Edge

You may also want to duplicate a tab. To do it, right-click or press and hold on it, and then choose “Duplicate tab.”

Alternatively, to duplicate a tab, you can also press the Ctrl + K keys on your keyboard.

7. How to move tabs in Microsoft Edge

Moving tabs in Microsoft Edge is easy and intuitive. You can change the position of a tab by dragging it to the place you want, using the mouse or touch (on devices with a touchscreen).

If you want to move a tab to a new window, right-click or press and hold it, and select “Move to a new window.” Alternatively, you can pull out the tab from between the others, and the result is the same, using the mouse or touch.

This action opens a new window of Microsoft Edge containing the tab that you chose to move to a new window.


We can all agree that Microsoft Edge is not the most popular browser on the internet. However, it provides all the features you need for tab management. For more articles on Microsoft Edge, check our related guides below and, if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.