How to manually update apps and games from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

In Windows 10, the Microsoft Store handles updating apps and games automatically, as long as they are downloaded from it, and not from other distribution channels like Steam, websites or other third-party apps. However, this does not mean that your apps are updated fast. There is a delay between the release of the updates and when they are available on your Windows 10 PC or device. However, Windows 10 does give you the option to force a manual check for updates, so that you can install them as quickly as you need. Here is how to manually check for app and games updates, in the Microsoft Store:

How to manually get Windows 10 app updates and game updates in the Microsoft Store

Make sure that you are connected to the internet, and then open the Microsoft Store. Click or tap on its tile from the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can also search for "microsoft store" and click or tap the appropriate search result.

The Microsoft Store shortcut in Windows 10

In the Microsoft Store app, click or tap the "..." (three dots) menu button from the top-right corner. In the menu that opens, click or tap on "Downloads and updates."

Microsoft Store - go to Downloads and updates

The Microsoft Store loads a new page where you can see the "Available updates" and the "Recent activity." You see the apps and games that you recently downloaded using the Microsoft Store, and when they were last modified.

If you want to trigger a manual search for updates, and install all the available ones, click or tap the "Get updates" button from the top-right corner.

Click or tap Get updates in the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store starts checking for available updates. If there are updates to be installed, you can see the progress for each of the apps and games. If you want to, you can also pause one, some or all the updates that are downloading, by pressing the Pause button for the app or game update that you want to stop.

Downloading Windows 10 app and game updates

When all the installed apps are up to date, Microsoft Store displays a message saying that "You're good to go" and that "All your trusted apps and games from Microsoft Store have the latest updates."

All app and game updates are installed by the Microsoft Store

Did you update your Windows 10 apps and games from the Store?

As you can see in this guide, running manual checks for app and game updates is easy. You have to remember that this is done from inside the Microsoft Store app and follow the steps shared earlier.

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