How to find the largest files on your OneDrive that are eating storage space

Is your OneDrive quickly remaining out of space? Does OneDrive annoy you saying that it is almost full, with little or no space remaining? You can choose to purchase an Office 365 subscription so that you can increase the space that is available or you can find the largest files on your OneDrive account and delete them. If you are like us, you will see that most of the very large files stored on your OneDrive are no longer needed and you can safely delete them. Here's how to find which files take the most space on your OneDrive:

Step 1: Sign into OneDrive with your Microsoft account

The first step is to open your favorite web browser, go to the OneDrive website and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Step 2: Go to Manage Storage in OneDrive

You have to open the Manage Storage section of settings for OneDrive. There are two ways to do that. One way is to look at the column on the left side of the OneDrive website. On the bottom of the column, you see how much space you have used. Click or tap on the line where you see how much space you are using.

OneDrive, large, files

Alternatively, you can click or tap the Settings button in the top-right corner, near your username and picture. A menu opens, there click or tap Options.

OneDrive, large, files

The Manage Storage window is opened.

Step 3: See what's taking up space on your OneDrive

You will see how much space you are using, your current plan, additional storage and more. Click or tap on the link that says: "What's taking up space?."

It is found beneath the bar that displays how much space you are using, on the right side of the screen.

OneDrive, large, files

OneDrive opens the list with the largest files that you are storing, in decreasing order. The first file is the largest; the second file is the second largest and so on. They are initially shown as thumbnails.

OneDrive, large, files

See the actual size and location of your largest files

The default thumbnail view of your largest files is not that useful if you ask us. We prefer to see information like the file name, the file size, its location and so on. To see this information, click or tap on the Tiles button in the top-right corner. In the menu that opens, select List.

OneDrive, large, files

Now you can see your largest files as a list with useful information about each file.

OneDrive, large, files

Select the files that you want to delete and press the Delete button.

What files are taking a lot of space on your OneDrive?

When looking at the files that are taking a lot of space on our OneDrive, we noticed that they were mostly videos that we recorded at events or when traveling. Before you close this article, let us know what kind of files are taking a lot of space on your OneDrive. Is it movies or other types of files?

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