How to turn Auto-Correction On and Off, on your iPhone

Some say that the autocorrect features available on most virtual keyboards found on smartphones and tablets are sent from hell. There are times when you don't want the words in your messages to automatically change to "ducking," right? 🙂 Fortunately, if you are typing on an iPhone, turning its Auto-Correction feature on or off is easy. Furthermore, iOS has even more typing features that you can customize, ranging from auto capitalization to spell check, and from smart punctuation to slide typing. Here is how to set the keyboard on your iPhone as you like:

How to enable or disable Auto-Correction on your iPhone

On your iPhone's home screen, tap on Settings.

The Settings app from an iPhone

Then, in the Settings app, tap on General.

The General entry from the Settings app

Scroll until you find the Keyboard entry and tap on it.

The Keyboard settings on an iPhone

Now you should see the Keyboards screen. On it, you find all the keyboard features available on your iPhone.

Among them, there is also the Auto-Correction. Tap on its switch to turn Auto-Correction off or on, as you prefer.

The Auto-Correction switch on an iPhone

Additional typing features you can customize on your iPhone

As you can see, iOS also includes other typing features, which you can also turn on or off as you please:

Sliding to type on an iPhone
  • Auto-Capitalization: when you start a new sentence, iOS automatically capitalizes the first letter of the first word
  • Check Spelling: whenever a word that you've typed is not identified by iOS in any of its dictionaries, and it believes that you have made a mistake, it underlines it with a red dotted line; if you tap on an unrecognized word, it gives you suggestions for similar words that might be correct
  • Enable Caps Lock: if you double-tap on Shift, the keyboard switches Caps Lock on so everything you write from now on is in all capital letters
  • Predictive: if this setting is enabled, iOS gives you predictions for the words that you might want to type next, and shows them above your keyboard; if you want to use any of the predicted words, you can just tap on them to instantly add them to your sentence
  • Smart Punctuation: automatically converts some punctuation marks into better looking ones; for example, it turns straight quotes into curly quotes
  • Slide to Type: when this feature is enabled, instead of typing words letter by letter, you can type faster by dragging your finger across the keyboard, taking care to reach all the letters that make up the word that you want to type
  • Delete Slide-to-Type by Word: if this option is enabled, as well as Slide to Type, when you tap the backspace key, iOS deletes the entire last word that you "slide-typed"
  • Character Preview: when turned on, this feature makes your keyboard show quick popup previews of the characters you tap on
  • "." Shortcut: if you double-tap on Space, your sentence is quickly ended with a period followed by a space
Word predictions displayed by iOS on an iPhone

When you are done setting things as you want, close the Settings, and start typing a message to someone, to see whether your experience has improved.

Did you disable Auto-Correction on your iPhone?

That's it! Now you know how to turn Auto-Correction on or off, on your iPhone. Did you choose to disable it, or did you just want to customize some of the other typing features available in iOS? Why did you choose to disable it or why do you prefer to use it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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