6 Ways To Add More Storage Space To Your OneDrive

Microsoft's OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage services. It offers its users 15 GB of free storage space right from the start. However, this is what you get just by signing up. More space can be added through various methods and some of them do not imply any costs. In this article we will point them all out for you. Well, at least the ones we know of.

Check Your Options For Extending OneDrive's Storage Space

When signing up for OneDrive, you get 15 GB of free storage space. However, this space can be increased in many ways. For example, Microsoft might offer you free space when you subscribe to one of their services, when you buy one of their products or simply by using some of OneDrive's features.

Upon building up space in your OneDrive, you might end up with something like this: 1285 GB of storage space.

In order to see the types of free space you already own in OneDrive, check this article: How to Configure How the OneDrive Website Works.

Now let's see some of the ways you can add free space to your OneDrive:

1. Loyalty bonus

Recently, Microsoft increased the storage space offered by OneDrive's free plan, from 7 GB to 15 GB. However, old-time users who used this service since it was called Windows Live SkyDrive, already had 25GB of space in their accounts. When this change took place, those users got their free space shrunk up to 15 GB. However, at the same time they received a 10 GB Loyalty bonus. Summing up the 15 GB free plan and the 10 GB loyalty bonus, you'll see that nothing was lost.

OneDrive long time users have the Loyalty bonus free storage space.

2. Office 365 Subscription

If you subscribe to Microsoft's Office 365, you will receive an entire terabyte of storage space. That is 1024 GB added to your OneDrive! Pretty awesome, if you ask us.

3. Surface bonus

Whenever you buy a Microsoft Surface device you will receive 200 GB of free space, for 2 years. That is a nice addition for Surface's value/price ratio. Keep in mind though, that buying multiple Surface devices won't add space to your OneDrive, but rather stack the time you own that space. For example, owning two Surfaces won't get you 400 GB for 2 years, but rather 200 GB for 4 years.

4. Enthusiast bonus

This is in fact a bonus that can be received for doing multiple things. You could receive this bonus because you own a Windows Phone, you signed up for various Microsoft services (like the Skype Collaboration Project), enrolled as a beta tester for Microsoft Office or because you signed up for the Bing Rewards program. In fact, Microsoft has a history of time limited campaigns for OneDrive users, through which it offered various amounts of free space. To be sure you'll not miss the next one, you could follow their blog: The OneDrive Blog.

5. Referral bonus

Microsoft offers 500MB of free OneDrive space for every person you refer. You can refer up to 10 people who start using OneDrive. This means you can get a maximum of 5 GB of additional free space on your OneDrive. To get your referral link or share it on the social networks, click or tap "Get free storage" on your OneDrive Storage page.

6. Camera roll bonus

Choosing to automatically backup your photos to OneDrive will make Microsoft reward you with more free space. The amount you receive depends on the active campaign. Normally, this would give you 3 GB of additional space. However, there are times when you can get even more. For example, if you enabled the auto-upload for your photos in September this year, or you had it active for a longer time, then you just received 15 GB of free OneDrive space. This offer worked no matter if you enabled it on a Windows device, an Android smartphone or an iPhone.


OneDrive is generous when it comes to the free space it offers. Furthermore, it can be increased even more, provided you enable some of its features or follow Microsoft's campaigns. All in all, OneDrive is a great service that manages to be one of the best cloud services available on the market. If you know any other ways of adding space to OneDrive, we'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share using the comments form below.