5 things you can do with the Windows 11 Clock app

In Windows 11, Microsoft redesigned the Alarms & Clock app to match the stylish look of the new operating system, while also renaming it to Clock. However, despite its simple name, the app includes a new feature called Focus sessions to help you concentrate on your daily tasks. Not to worry: the other features of the app remain pretty much untouched, as you’re about to see in this guide, which illustrates five things you can do with the Clock app in Windows 11:

1. Concentrate on your tasks with Focus sessions

The absolute star in the Windows 11 Clock app is the new Focus sessions feature. It is also the first thing you see when opening the app. You can use Focus sessions to be more productive in your daily work and keep track of the time spent on a certain task. The feature is divided into four sections, as seen below.

Focus sessions in the Windows 11 Clock app

The top-left box lets you set up and start a focus session. The feature is also designed to look out for your health, as you can set regular breaks to clear your head during your busy work schedule. Just insert the time interval you have available, decide whether to Skip breaks and then click or tap “Start focus session. The feature then starts to countdown, alerting you when it’s time to take breaks or resume work. Simple, right?

The Focus sessions timer helps you organize your work schedule

TIP: This feature works similarly to the Stretchly app that helps you implement the Pomodoro Technique.

Furthermore, in the top-right corner, you get an overview of your Daily progress to help you achieve your goals and keep track of the overall time spent focusing on everyday tasks. Keep in mind that you need to complete or stop a focus session for it to register towards your Daily progress.

Keep track of your Daily progress

In the bottom-right corner, you can see the tasks inserted in Microsoft To Do if that’s an app you’re currently using to keep track of your work in Windows 11.

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit tasks directly, and you need to open Microsoft To Do if you want to cross off or add items to this list.

See the Tasks in Microsoft To Do

Last but not least, you can connect to your Spotify account to listen to your favorite music while working. Furthermore, you also get suggestions for Focus playlists to help you concentrate better.

Connect your Spotify account in Focus sessions

TIP: You may want to know how to play your favorite song over and over with Spotify.

2. Set a Timer in the Clock app to keep track of time

It’s even easier to set a timer in Windows 11. When you access the Timer tab included in the Clock app, four default timers are already available. Feel free to use them, edit them, or add new timers to keep track of time.

Set a Timer in the Windows 11 Clock app

3. Set Alarms to organize your schedule

If you need help waking up or keeping track of repetitive tasks, the Alarm section in the Windows 11 Clock app can help. Microsoft included one Good morning alarm, but you can also add others. For the best results, spend time customizing the sound for each alarm and the days when you want to repeat it!

Set an Alarm in the Windows 11 Clock app

4. Use the Stopwatch to time anything with precision

The Stopwatch tab in the Windows 11 Clock app is designed for sporting events. Start the stopwatch to time anything accurately and keep track of your laps.

Use the Stopwatch in the Windows 11 Clock app

5. Use the World Clock to keep track of different time zones

The World Clock included in the Windows 11 Clock app helps you get an overview of the time zones that interest you. This comes in handy if you spend a lot of time traveling or have friends or colleagues who live in different parts of the world.

Find out the current time for other parts of the world

You still have the option to pin to Start any of the clocks added here, but while the app asks if you want to add a tile, tiles are no longer available in Windows 11. So all you get is another shortcut to the Clock app.

NOTE: The oversimplified Start Menu is just one of the 7 reasons why Windows 11 sucks.

Do you like the Windows 11 Clock app?

The Clock app in Windows 11 has a new look, and the new Focus sessions feature is a useful addition. However, not much else has changed since the previous version, and some of the existing menus could use an update. Before you close this guide, we’re curious if you like the Clock app in Windows 11. Do you find the Focus sessions an appealing feature? Let us know in the comments.

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