Where The Desktop & Lock Screen Wallpapers Are Stored In Windows 10

First impression is important! Every software development company relies on this, when they are selecting the pictures used by their operating system for the lock screen and for the desktop background, and Microsoft isn't an exception. Windows 10 has also some interesting images, so if you ever asked yourself where are located these files in your file system, or if you ever want to get those pictures and use them on a Windows XP, just to trick a friend, then read this article.

The Wallpapers Used By Windows 10 For The Desktop & The Lock Screen

Like Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10 has only three default themes: Windows, Windows 10, and Flowers.

It also includes a collection of wallpapers for the Lock screen and Background. If you want to see it open the Settings app and access Personalization. First, you'll see the pictures provided for the desktop Background.

But, if you select, in the left menu, Lock screen you'll also see the images provided for the Lock screen.

Where Are These Wallpapers Located?

Ok, let's see now where are these wallpapers located. We all suspect the pictures must be somewhere in the Windows folder. Well, it's true, but now comes the hardest part - here you'll find a lot of files files and folders. If you have already found the folder then you're very lucky or very hardworking, but if you haven't found it yet, then open the File Explorer and follow this path: C:\Windows\Web.

There you'll see three folders Screen, Wallpaper and 4K. In the Screen folder are the images used by the Lock Screen.

In the Wallpaper folder you'll find at least three subfolders, one for each theme you have installed. As you probably noticed, the pictures located here are used for the Desktop background.

Finally, in the Web folder you'll find a folder called 4K. "Here should be some spectacular images at 4K resolution!", we said. Well, there is only one picture of different sizes. The funniest thing is that only two pictures have 4K resolution. :)

IMPORTANT: The images that we talked about in this article are owned by Microsoft Corporation and they are distributed exclusively for your own personal use. Any other use, including the redistribution of the desktop backgrounds, is forbidden.


Now you know where are located the pictures, used by your Windows 10 operating system for its Background and Lock screen, feel free to add many more. We hope you found this article very useful. For more articles on Windows 10, check out some of our related guides and if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, do not hesitate to use the comments form below.