How to print on Windows (Ctrl + P)

Do you need to know how to print on Windows 10, or Windows 7, from any app you might be using? Although printing is not as easy as it should be, it is not overly complicated either. It all depends on the version of Windows that you use, whether you use apps designed for touchscreens or the desktop, and so on. To make things simpler, here is our guide that shares all the ways to print from Windows, using touch or your mouse and keyboard:

NOTE: This guide applies to Windows 10 and Windows 7. We assume that you already have a printer installed and configured on your PC. If you need help installing a printer, check these guides first: How to install a wireless printer in your Wi-Fi network or How to install a local printer on your Windows 10 computer.

1. How to print on Windows using your keyboard: CTRL + P

This method works both in desktop programs and apps from the Microsoft Store. In the app that you want to use, open what you want to print and press CTRL + P on your keyboard. This printing keyboard shortcut brings up the Print dialogue from where you can set how you want to print. This method is especially useful when dealing with apps that do not have easily accessible menus for printing options.

How to print on Windows: CTRL+P

NOTE: CTRL + P shows the Print dialogue only in apps that support printing. In apps that do not, this command has no effect.

2. How to print on Windows from desktop apps that have a File menu

Many desktop apps have a File menu. It usually includes a Print option if the app that you are using is designed to print. If you want to print from such an app, click or tap File, and then select Print. In the next screenshot, you can see an example of what this menu looks like in Adobe Reader:

How to print from Windows: Go to File and then Print

Just like when you press Ctrl + P, you are usually shown a print preview alongside several printing options. Customize things as you wish and then click or tap Print.

3. How to print on Windows from desktop apps with a ribbon (Microsoft Office)

Some desktop apps have a user interface with a ribbon instead of standard menus. Famous examples of such apps are the Microsoft Office suite, WordPad, and Paint. If the desktop app you are using has a ribbon, click the File tab on the ribbon.

The File menu in Microsoft Word

This opens a list of options that should include Print.

The Print option from Microsoft Word

Customize how you want the file to be printed, and then click or tap Print.

4. How to print on Windows 10 from apps that came from the Microsoft Store

Apps from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 generally include a "Settings and more" button (…) or a "hamburger" button (☰). It is often placed in the top left or right corner. If you click or tap on it, it opens a menu with options that should include Print. Below, you can see a screenshot from the OneNote Windows 10 app (UWP) available for Windows 10 users.

How to print on Windows 10: The Print option from an app

Click or tap Print, modify your printing settings, and press Print.

5. How to print on Windows 10 from the Photos app

Are you wondering how to print from the Photos app on your Windows 10 PC or device? In the Photos app, open the picture that you want to print. Then, click or tap on the printer button shown on the top-right side of the window. If you do not see it, either enlarge the window to make the printer button show up or click/tap the "Settings and more" button (☰) and then select Print.

The Print button from Windows 10's Photos app

Choose the printing settings you prefer in the printing dialog and then press Print to send your photo to the printer. That's it!

6. How to print on Windows 10, straight from File Explorer (documents and images)

If you have installed and set a default printer, you can print documents and images straight from File Explorer. In Windows 10, open File Explorer and navigate to the file that you want to print. Select it and then go to the Share tab on the ribbon. In the Send group, click or tap the Print button.

How to print on Windows 10: File Explorer's Print option from the Home tab

The file is sent straight to the printer, where it is printed using your default printing settings.

TIP: Did you know that there are also ways to directly Print Screen to the printer? Here are 2 ways to "screenshot to printer" in Windows 10.

7. How to print from Windows 7, straight from Windows Explorer (documents and images)

Similarly, if you configured a default printer on your Windows 7 computer, you can print any document or image directly from Windows Explorer. Here is how it goes:

Open Windows Explorer and locate the file that you intend to print. Select it and then click the Print button on the toolbar on the window's top side.

How to print from Windows 7: The Print option from Windows Explorer

Windows 7 then sends the selected file directly to the printer, where it is printed using your default printing settings.

Do you know other ways to print from Windows?

Now you know how to print on Windows. These are the most common methods you can use to print documents, images, and all kinds of content from apps. If you know others, do not hesitate to let us know in a comment below.

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