How to print as PDF from Windows 10, using only built-in tools

PDF files are excellent containers for web pages, documents and images, and other things. They are everywhere these days, and creating them is easy if you have a modern operating system on your PC, such as Windows 10. In today's article, we show you how to print as PDF, from Windows 10, almost anything you like. Let's get started:

Step 1. Open the Print dialog

Open what you want to print as PDF: a web page, an image, a document. Then, open the Print dialog. The most common way to do that, regardless of the app that you are using, is to press the Ctrl + P keys on your keyboard. However, there are other methods to open the Print dialog, and you can find them here: 6 ways to print from any Windows app or program.

For example, this is what the Print dialog looks like in Google Chrome:

The Print dialog in Google Chrome

TIP: If you want to print a web page without ads, read How do I print a page from a website, without ads?

Here's what you should see in the Photos app when opening the Print dialog for an image:

The Print dialog in the Photos app from Windows 10

For our third example, here's what the Print dialog looks like in Microsoft Word:

The Print dialog in Microsoft Word

Whatever you do, do not press the Print button just yet!

Step 2. Choose the "Microsoft Print To PDF" printer

In the Print dialog, change the printer to "Microsoft Print To PDF." You can usually do that by clicking or tapping on the Printer or Destination field from the Print dialog. For example, here's the printer Destination list from Google Chrome:

Select the Microsoft Print To PDF printer in Google Chrome

Also, here's what the Printer list looks like in the Photos app:

Select the Microsoft Print To PDF printer in the Photos app

And, this is the Printer list from Microsoft Word:

Select the Microsoft Print To PDF printer in Microsoft Word

Step 3. Customize the PDF print

Printing as PDF is no different from printing on a real printer. Once you have selected the "Microsoft Print To PDF" printer, you can choose all the usual stuff: what pages to print, their layout, color, paper size, margins, and so on.

Customize the PDF print

Personalize how you want to print the PDF file, according to your preferences.

Step 4. Choose where to save your PDF file

Finally, press the Print button. You are going to be asked where to save the new PDF file, so choose a place and a name for it. Then press Save and wait for the PDF to be generated.

Select the location and choose a name for the PDF file

That was it!

Do you print as PDF often?

It is easy and fast to print as PDF in Windows 10, regardless of the type of content that you print. The trick is to select the right printer: "Microsoft Print To PDF." You then set your printing preferences, and choose where to save the resulting PDF file. Before you close this guide, tell us: Do you need to print as PDF often? Do you like using the built-in tools from Windows 10, or do you prefer using a third-party app?

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