ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD review: Fast, curved, and reasonably priced


The gaming monitors market is getting more crowded every day, and while some models are better than others, not that many offer good price-per-performance ratios. One of the monitors I’ve tested recently seems to be just that: an excellent device aimed at gamers, sold for a reasonable price. I’m talking about the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD, a 27” 1080p curved gaming monitor with a fast 240Hz refresh rate and infinitesimal 1ms response time. Is it the one you should get for your gaming rig? Read on and find out:

ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD: Who is it good for?

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD is an excellent choice for:

  • People who want a fast 1080p gaming monitor
  • Gamers who love curved monitors
  • Users who require excellent performance for a reasonable price

Pros and cons

There are many positives about the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD:

See price on:

  • The 27” FHD (1080p) VA panel offers excellent image quality
  • The screen curvature invites to immersive gameplay
  • Offers a high refresh rate of 240Hz and a minimal 1ms response time, perfect for competitive gaming
  • Supports Adaptive-Sync (adaptable refresh rate)
  • Compatible with VESA mounts
  • Good price for the performance you get

On the other hand, there are also a couple of things missing:

  • The stand of the monitor is not as robust and stable as I would’ve liked
  • There’s no cable routing system available on the monitor’s leg
  • 1080p starts to be a dated maximum resolution
Product rating 4/5


After using and testing the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD monitor, I can say that, in my opinion, it’s a good gaming monitor. If you are OK with running games in Full HD resolution, but you do require minimal lag and a high refresh rate for competitive gaming and don’t want to spend a fortune, then go ahead and buy the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD. This monitor offers a great bang for the buck, and it’s a solid choice for budget-conscious gamers.

Unboxing the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor is a standard size device by today’s standards, so its box is average in terms of dimensions too. The package is made from thick cardboard, and both its sides feature large black-and-white pictures of birds.

The box of the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor

Inside the package, the monitor is protected from shocks by styrofoam elements. Taking everything out of the box, you’ll find the monitor, its support and base, and a couple of other things: a DisplayPort cable (v1.2), a power adapter, the warranty, and the user manual.

What's inside the box

Unboxing the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD is a straightforward experience. The package is sturdy, and it contains all the elements required to start using the monitor as soon as possible.

Hardware specifications

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD features a 27-inch widescreen panel with an FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The panel uses VA (Vertical Alignment) technology which some people might argue is not as good as IPS (In-Plane Switching) in terms of image quality and viewing angles. However, it comes with the important advantage of delivering faster response times and refresh rates. That allows this ViewSonic monitor to offer a response time of just one millisecond and a refresh rate that can reach 240 Hertz.

A look at the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor

The display is matte, anti-glare, with a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2 and a top (static) contrast ratio of 4000:1. Even if it’s based on a VA panel, the viewing angles are just as good as those of an IPS one: 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, a feature many gamers will appreciate is that the panel is curved: 1500R (which means that the monitor’s shape is an arc of a circle with a radius of 1.5 meters).

Technical specifications

On top of offering a top refresh rate of 240 Hertz, the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor also supports VESA Adaptive-Sync. That means that the monitor is (unofficially) compatible with AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync, both technologies enabling no-tearing and no-stuttering visuals.

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor supports Adaptive Sync

ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD comes with all the basic ports any gamer needs: one DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0, and one 3.5mm headphone jack. We would have liked a couple of USB ports on it too, but, on the other hand, we don’t consider them essential, and their absence helps keep the price lower. You also get two modest built-in speakers, each rated at 2 Watts.

Ports on the back of the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD draws up to 35 Watts of power at maximum, but in standby mode, it consumes less than 0.5 Watts. The monitor can’t swivel horizontally, and you can’t adjust its height, but you can tilt it forward and back between -5 and 20 degrees. Furthermore, it’s VESA-compatible (75 x 75 mm), so you can mount it on a wall or on a monitor arm if you want.

Regarding its physical dimensions, the monitor fully assembled (with its support) has a width, height, and depth of 24 x 18.7 x 8.8 inches, or 61.1 x 47.5 x 22.5 centimeters. It’s also quite lightweight: having just 8.6 pounds or 3.9 kilograms, you can relatively easily raise it with one hand.

If you want to see all the specifications and features for the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD, visit this webpage: ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD Specifications.

The specs of the VA panel used by the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD are impressive. The extreme refresh rate, fast response time, curved screen, the fact that you can enable adaptive sync on it, and the reasonable price make this gaming monitor a compelling option for budget-oriented gamers.

Using the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD

During the time I had the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD on my desk, there were things I liked about it, but also a couple that I didn’t. Let me start by telling you that I found the monitor quite nice-looking. Its design doesn’t disappoint at all: you’re looking at a slim curved monitor with a fairly elegant stand and invisible bezels on the sides and on the top of the screen. The bottom bezel is larger but doesn’t disrupt the general good looks of the monitor in any way. By the way, the very thin side bezels and the display curvature make it perfect for dual-screen setups.

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor mounted on my desk

A thing I think could’ve been better at the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD monitor is its stand. Although it looks nice, it feels a bit flimsy and made me wary about the possibility of the monitor falling off my desk. Still, I should mention that I’m using a height-adjustable desk, and this feeling was exacerbated when raising or lowering it. On a fixed-height desk, there are fewer chances for the monitor to lose stability. Another thing that I also would’ve appreciated but is missing: any sort of cable routing behind the monitor would’ve been great. Unfortunately, there is none available.

Side view of the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor

Moving on to the image quality, this monitor impressed me. The VA panel doesn’t disappoint at all: excellent color reproduction, large viewing angles, and good brightness levels. Furthermore, probably some of the most compelling features of the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD are its 1ms response rate, the very high 240Hz refresh rate, and the support for Adaptive Sync. These are the things you want if you’re a gamer and want excellent gameplay above anything else, no lag, no screen tearing, and no stuttering. During the week I tested and used the monitor, I played Horizon Zero Dawn for a couple of hours, and League of Legends daily, as I do for many years in a row now (it’s addictive, I know, I’ve been playing it since Beta). What can I say? Using this monitor proved to be an experience of the highest standard in every game I tried.

Playing a game on the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor

The ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD is an excellent monitor if you’re a gamer who wants an extremely fast screen, and if you’re OK with playing in FHD resolution and love curved screens.

What’s your opinion about the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD?

Overall, I like the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD gaming monitor. It has quite a few strong points, but also a couple of shortcomings. However, if you’re looking for a good curved gaming monitor with minimal response time, a high refresh rate, and a reasonable price, this one’s a good choice in my opinion. What do you think about the ViewSonic VX2719-PC-MHD? Let me know in the comments section below.

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