Download 30 best mouse cursors for Windows

16. Direction

A more unusual set of mouse pointers, which you might enjoy. You can see how they look in the picture below.


Mouse cursor download: Direction.

17. Mario Gant

A set of hand custom cursors based on the Super Mario character. Pretty awesome, right?

Mario Gant

Mouse cursor download: Mario Gant.

18. UNDERSized

A set of simple and small-sized cursors for those who like tiny mouse pointers.


Mouse cursor download: UNDERSized.

19. Krystall

A unique and colorful mouse pointer set. This cursor pack does not include an INF file for an easy installation. However, it can be used if you follow the recommendations shared in its description to assign each custom mouse cursor manually.


Mouse cursor download: Krystal.

20. Rainbow Cursors

This is a mouse cursor scheme based on Mac cursors that changes its color constantly. If you like vivid colors, you're going to love these custom cursors.

Rainbow Cursors

Mouse cursor download: Rainbow Cursors.

21. Metro X3 Cursor Set

Earlier in this article, we presented the Metro X Cursor Set. The X3 Cursor Set has almost the same mouse pointers but in a wider variety of colors.

Metro X3 Cursor Set

Mouse cursor download: Metro X3 Cursor Set.

22. Zune'D Animated Cursors Set

Zune'D Animated Cursors Set is another colorful mouse cursor scheme inspired by the old and extinct Microsoft Zune device.

Zune'D Animated Cursors Set

Mouse cursor download: Zune'D Animated Cursor Set.

23. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a translucent mouse cursor set. If you want to see what is behind your mouse pointer, you should try this scheme.

Crystal Clear

Mouse cursor download: Crystal Clear v4.0.

24. StartCraft 2

Are you a StarCraft fan? If the answer is yes, the StarCraft 2 mouse cursor theme is precisely what you might need to complete your StartCraft computer customization. It includes versions of cursors for all the races in the game: Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. The only downside is the fact that this theme does not offer any installer, so to get it on your computer, you have to follow the steps from its readme file.

StartCraft 2

Mouse cursor download: StartCraft 2.

25. Radium 2

If you're searching for a mouse cursor theme that's intricate and simple at the same time, look no further, as Radium 2 is probably what you want. The detailed design and the beautiful shapes of the custom cursors will surely make you want them on your desktop. Radium 2 also includes an INF file that you can use to install the custom cursor theme on your computer.

Radium 2

Mouse cursor download: Radium 2.

26. Vigyori

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like emoticons? Why not try some emoticon-based mouse cursors? What could be better than seeing a smiling face each morning when you turn your computer on? For a brighter and happier desktop, try Vigyori (which, by the way, means Smile in Hungarian). 🙂


Mouse cursor download: Vigyori.

27. Cupcake

Have you ever wished for a mouse cursor pack that is so cute that your heart melts? OK, maybe not yours, if you are a tough guy, but your daughter's might, if you get the Cupcake mouse cursors on her Windows 10 device.


Mouse cursor download: Cupcake.

28. Mickey Mouse

This is yet another cute cursor scheme designed primarily for children, but also for some nostalgic grown-ups. 🙂 If your children love Mickey Mouse and everything about it, you can surprise them with these "cartoon mouse" cursors.

Mickey Mouse

Mouse cursor download: Mickey Mouse.

If you have a child, he or she should love this mouse cursor scheme. If he or she didn't, then the next one might do the trick.

29. Star Wars Reloaded

Cursors new, young Padawan must use: lightsabers your friends must be! Otherwise said, if you love Star Wars, and your desktop is proudly wearing a Jedi wallpaper, then you might also like some custom mouse cursors inspired by Yoda's Universe.

Star Wars Reloaded

Mouse cursor download: Star Wars Reloaded.

30. IEA

Iea is a simple but elegant set of mouse pointers, with simple yet detailed cursors. It goes well with any kind of wallpaper and any window colors you might prefer. We like it, and you might too.


Mouse cursor download: Iea.

How to install a custom mouse cursors in Windows

Although we have previously covered the different ways to change mouse pointers, mouse schemes downloaded from the internet can usually be installed with the help of an INF file (stands for information) that is included in the archive file that you download. In most cases, a mouse cursor scheme is distributed in archive files with extensions such as ".rar," ".zip" and so on. After downloading the archive file containing the cursors that you want to install, extract it to a temporary location on your computer. If you have trouble extracting it, try 7-Zip. This powerful open source file archiver supports almost all the existing formats for archives. Once you have the custom mouse cursor pack folder on your computer or device, follow the instructions from these tutorials, depending on whether the pack includes an inf installer file or not:

Also, if all you want is to change the size or color of your mouse pointers, not necessarily install custom new ones, you should read this tutorial: How to change the mouse pointer size and color in Windows 10.

What is your favorite mouse cursor pack?

To create this article, we tried lots of mouse cursor schemes, and we shared the best that we could find. We hope that you have enjoyed this roundup. If you did, do not hesitate to tweet it or share it with others. Also, if you feel like searching for more mouse cursor schemes, you should try the Windows Cursors section from DeviantArt. It is a great place to start your search.

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