Top 25 best mouse cursor schemes for Windows

If you are bored with the Windows user interface and you are tired of its default customization options, maybe it is time for you to try some personalization packages. One of the best ways to make your desktop look unique is to install and use a new mouse cursor theme. There are plenty of them on the internet. In this article, we are going to share with you twenty-five of the best free mouse cursor schemes for Windows, which you can use to improve the visuals of your operating system. Let's get started:

NOTE: You can install and use the following mouse cursor schemes in Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. To make sure that they are safe, we scanned them with Bitdefender. If you do not know how to install mouse cursor schemes, make sure to read the end of the second page of this article. We have detailed instructions on this subject.

1. Metro X Cursor Set

The Metro X package gives your computer a cursor scheme that is inspired by Windows 8. You can see it in the screenshot below.

Download page: Metro X Cursor Set

2. New Mac OS X Cursors

You might be tempted to try a set of cursors made to look like the ones from Mac OS X. This collection contains six different styles of cursors. Install the INF file that matches the style you would like to use. Alternatively, install every INF for each style in the set.

Download page: New Mac OS X Cursors.

3. Gant Cursor Pack

This cursor set is based on the popular Gant icon set that is used for customizing Windows, Linux, etc. This set contains two color schemes: yellow and blue, each of which has two sets. In other words, there are a total of four sets of cursors, which are in four separate folders.

Download page: Gant Cursor Pack

4. Hello Cursor

For those who love the worldwide phenomenon that is Hello Kitty, here is a cursor set featuring the cute Japanese icon. This set does not contain an INF file. It also is not a complete set, meaning it only has the cursors illustrated in the image below. However, it can be used if you follow the recommendations shared in its description.

Download page: Hello Cursor

5. Direction

A more unusual set of pointers, which you might enjoy. You can see how they look in the picture below.

Download page: Direction.

6. Mario Gant

A set of hand cursors based on the Super Mario character. Pretty awesome, right?

Download page: Mario Gant.

7. UNDERSized

A simple and small-sized set of cursors for those who like tiny icons.

Download page: UNDERSized.

8. Krystall

A unique and colorful icon set. This cursor pack does not include an INF file for an easy installation. However, it can be used if you follow the recommendations shared in its description, and you assign each pointer manually.

Download page: Krystal.

9. Oxygen Cursors

Created for KDE, this icon set was ported to Windows and is one of the most popular icon sets of all time on DeviantArt. This set contains 37 different color schemes.

Download page: Oxygen Cursors.

Did you find a mouse cursor that you like? We hope that you did. If you didn't, keep scrolling. We have more stuff for you to try.

10. Rainbow Cursors

This is a mouse cursor scheme based on Mac cursors that changes its color constantly. If you like vivid colors, you will love this mouse cursor scheme.

Download page: Rainbow Cursors.

11. Metro X3 Cursor Set

Earlier in this article, we presented the Metro X Cursor Set. The X3 Cursor Set has almost the same pointers but in a wider variety of colors.

Download page: Metro X3 Cursor Set.

12. Zune'D Animated Cursors Set

Zune'D Animated Cursors Set is another colorful cursor scheme inspired by the old and extinct Microsoft Zune device.

Download page: Zune'D Animated Cursor Set.

13. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is a translucent mouse cursor set. If you want to see what is behind the pointer, you should try this scheme.

Download page: Crystal Clear v4.0.

14. DIM Cursor

This is one of the most attractive mouse cursor scheme in our roundup. DIM pointers are inspired by video games and feature discreet animations that change depending on how you are using the mouse cursor.

Download page: DIM Cursor.

15. Gaia 10

Gaia 10 offers a set of mouse cursors beautifully colored and elegantly designed. If you are searching for a refreshing, colorful and eco-friendly mouse cursor theme, you cannot go wrong with this one. Gaia 10 also includes an automated INF installer, for easier installation.

Download page: Gaia 10.

You have arrived at the end of the first page with mouse cursor schemes. We have more for you on the second page, inspired by games like Starcraft, some based on cartoons and others based on Star Wars. You should read the second page too.