How To Rotate Misoriented Videos Using Windows Movie Maker

Sometimes, when you import videos into your computer, they end up being oriented incorrectly. This is particularly an issue with videos short with your smartphone, which can be shot in landscape or portrait mode. You can correct their orientation permanently by using Movie Maker, which you can get for free as part of Windows Essentials from Microsoft. This quick tutorial will show how to import such videos into Movie Maker, how to rotate and export them as new video with the correct orientation.

Before we begin, you have to install the Movie Maker application. For detailed instructions check this tutorial: Simple Questions: What Are Windows Essentials & How To Install Them?.

How To Import Videos Into Windows Movie Maker

Once you have Movie Maker installed, launch the program and import your video clip into a new project. In order to do this click or tap the Add videos and photos button.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

You can also open Windows Explorer (in Windows 7) or File Explorer (in Windows 8.1), browse to the file you want to work with, right-click or press and hold on the file and choose Open with and then click or tap Movie Maker.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

Or, you can drag and drop it into the open Movie Maker window.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

NOTE: For more detailed instructions on adding video clips, read our tutorial on How To Import Photos & Videos Into Windows Movie Maker.

How To Rotate Videos Into Windows Movie Maker

Your video clip will now be added to the storyline in a new Movie Maker project. Next, click or tap Rotate left or Rotate right, according to your needs. With every touch on these buttons, the video will be rotated with 90 degrees to the right or left.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

The clip will be rotated and the result will be displayed on the left pane.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

How To Export Videos From Windows Movie Maker

If everything looks good, go ahead and export it as a.WMV file. Click or tap the Save movie button in the top-right.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

Movie Maker will automatically choose the recommended export settings based on the project. This is the simplest, and usually the best option. If you'd like choose a different preset, click or tap the text portion of the Save movie button and choose the present that works best for you.

Windows, Movie Maker, rotate, video

NOTE: For more detailed instructions on exporting video clips, read our tutorial on How To Save Windows Movie Maker Projects As Video Files.

Your new video will be saved in your Videos library. Now, you can go ahead and delete the original without affecting the new video.


As you can see, this isn't the simplest process for rotating a video. But at least it's quick, free and uses software included in the Windows Essentials suite. In order to save yourself from doing these steps next time, see if there is a setting on your cell phone to change the orientation of your videos. If there isn't, get accustomed to going through this process each time you import videos. For more tips on Movie Maker, check out some of our related articles and if you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to use the comments form below.

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