4 replies on How To Rotate Misoriented Videos Using Windows Movie Maker

  1. Fallen Knight says:

    thanks for the tips, this site is very helpful

  2. Appreciate it says:

    Hi, I understand how to rotate videos but I don’t want all that space on either side of the video when rotated that makes it narrow. Is there any way to rotate the video, make it full screen, and a clear image?
    Appreciate it

    • Sugnet Strauss says:

      I would also like to know why one loses so much video when you rotate it in Movie Maker?

  3. Philip Brezovic says:

    So I imported a movie I shot on my Nokia Lumia 1520 windows 8.1 phone. I had to flip the video from portrait to landscape and in the process, the audio was not synchronize to the video. How can I fix this?

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