How To Work With Paint In Windows

Many of you know that Paint is a drawing tool that can be used for simple drawings and basic image editing. Paint has been included in every version of Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 1.0 which was released in 1985. Now, the application is almost the same both Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. But, compared to earlier versions of Windows, Paint has been changed and improved dramatically, after almost 20 years of stagnation. It now feels like a basic image editing tool worth taking into consideration.

Where To Find Paint In Windows

You can open the application using several methods:

In Windows 7, look for its Start Menu shortcut in the Accessories folder or use the search box to type paint.

In Windows 8.1, the app is found in the apps view, in the Windows Accesories section. You can also simply start writing paint on the Start screen to get search results.

In Windows 10, things are a little different. Go to the Start Menu and press All apps.

Now, scroll down to the Windows Accesories folder and open it. There you will find the Paint app.

However, the fastest way to launch Paint in Windows 10 is to ask Cortana launch it by saying Open Paint.

Another way to launch it is to type Paint in Cortana's search box.

For those of you who prefer using the command line, you can launch it by running this command: C:\Windows\System32\mspaint.exe.

Regardless of the method you choose to open Paint, once it's launched you should see something similar to the screenshot below.