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  1. doztech says:

    Wow! thats is definately a better paint then the ones in earlier versions. I’ve been using windows 7 since the beta and i do have to add that it is a lot better than the previous.

    Good job on the tutuorial!

    • Linda Salisbury says:

      I’m not interested in all the artsy features of Paint. I simple want to resize and rename photographs to send to friends while we travel. I have an ASUS computer. Paint doesn’t seem to let me close one picture when I’ve resized and saved, but instead makes me close the program and reopen for each one. Any thoughts?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this quick article showing how to use the new paint program. But to be honest, I have used the older paint program for years, and I don’t like what they did to the new program at all! To me, doing tasks is really harder with the new program compared to the old one. The older interface is much more direct and understandable, and printing from the old program was simple. The new program requires complex guessing in order to size the print out etc.
    Actually it’s terrible to print from. Fortunately the old program from XP, will run under Win 7, but has to be started manually, or called from your program code – by location.
    Still thanks for the article.

  3. Incognito says:

    How to make a round or oval selection with MS Paint 7? This option appears to have been removed from this version (?).

  4. Hugh Trusty says:

    I don’t find any option that allows me to “undo” my last entry.
    Others may not do it, but I zoom in and out a lot as I work. It is annoying to have make an extra move to return to the “Home” selections. Hugh How do I send this comment?

    • Hugh Trusty says:

      OK. I got the “undo” worked out with the little arrow which seems to only work on occasion. Now, when I select “cut”, images within the selection relocate to a different place in the picture thereby damaging whatever was at there in the first place. Now what?
      Is there supposed to be a “send” selection on this page?

    • Mrinmay Roy says:

      Please use ctrl+z option from key board.

  5. JMc says:

    Sometimes, I need to make the work area 8″ wide by 24″ long. I can’t find any way to do that without scaling the whole image, both horizontally and vertically. The old version had “Attributes” on the “Image” menu where you specify the size of your document and whether you want to specify it in Inches, Centimeters or Pixels. Where did that go? You used to be able to drag the edges of the document to make it the size you want. In the new version, you can drag the edge, but only about 1/2 inch at a time and there doesn’t seem to be any to find out what the dimensions of your image are after you’ve changed it.
    Please help. I use this tool constantly and wouldn’t want to be in a continuous state of frustration.

    • JMc says:

      I figured it out. Click the drop-down in the upper left corner of Paint, then choose Properties.

    • PJB says:

      The attributes dialog is still available in Windows 7. Click on the File button (that’s the square box at the top left-hand side of the window with a down arrow), select Properties and that will open the Image Properties/File Attributes dialog.

  6. SCOTT says:

    Can I “scan” colors into custom color palate? I have samples of colors from the home improvement store and would like to use them to alter colors of photos.

  7. KyuubisSlave says:

    Quite personally I despise the new MSPaint. The program botches image quality, got rid of old tools that were useful and is very un-precise when using the shape tools. I believe they should have at least made a way for you to easily download and use the old one instead of forcing us to use something that is so inefficient and annoying to use.

    And I used the old MSPaint very extensively in my creation of pixel art, trust me when I say that the old one was better…

    My work:

    • Sean says:

      new paint SuckS! i miss old paint so much. I could not agree more with your comment.

    • Jason Chenard says:

      I so agree. It’s beyond unusable. The ribbon interface is hopeless. I fought with it for over an hour trying to do something simple when I first got my Win 7 PC. I gave up and used an XP computer instead (finishing the task in minutes.) I have not loaded it since. I’m not sure if the new version just plain can’t do what the old one could, or if it’s just so poorly arranged that my mind can’t warp itself to the new paradigm. How much research does it take to produce a product so utterly non-intuitive? Staggeringly pathetic.

    • Sharane Analise says:

      I totally agree! I used the old Paint to do clear lines in my art. The new Paint “blurs” everything, making my art impossible to do, period. Bummer.

    • Gatorman says:

      Right on, this new version is useless.

  8. Anonymous 14 says:

    “But to be honest, I have used the older paint program for years, and I don’t like what they did to the new program at all! To me, doing tasks is really harder with the new program compared to the old one. The older interface is much more direct and understandable, and printing from the old program was simple. The new program requires complex guessing in order to size the print out etc.”

    I AGREE with Anonymous.

    I, also, cannot access “undo” . Another problem, I find that the default when you open up a photo is set on brush. So I get a black line through my photos when I start, have to then go out and come back in. Dammit.

    Should’t the user determine what tool they want to start with? Why does it default to a line?

    I don’t like the new changes very much.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure it’s due to jet lag and a hangover, but, on this NEW Paint I cannot find the three sizes of AIR BRUSH spray patterns that were on the OLD Paint — and I always use those three sizes to good effect. I’m sure they are here somewhere on the “New and Improved” Paint, because it is new and improved, and I know they would not degrade the options value of the old Paint. Right ?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Under brushes you have the Airbrush. Select that and then play with the size of the brush. You should get what you need.

  10. Paulisia says:

    Where is the undo button?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      See the second screenshots in this tutorial and the text just above it, describing things.
      Also, for undo, you always have the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z. It works for Undo in all Windows programs.

  11. Max says:

    I just got the new paint.. I find it frustrating…..

    The old paint was like a workhorse…very basic, very easy, very crude…very easy to use….

    And try to print the sizes you want.. this is nuts…???

  12. Patricia says:

    where is the ‘copy to’ button on microsoft paint 6.1 ( Copy to… and Paste from… other applications)

    need help ASAP

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      The Home tab, upper-left corner. If you can’t see it, simply use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C (for Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste).

  13. T Brown says:

    Where is the Image menu and the invert colors options? I really, really hate this new version. I can’t do anything with it like I used to.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I am not sure what you are trying to do. However, this might help. Select the shape or object who’s color you want change and then simply click on the color you want, from the colors section, in the Home tab. This will change the color to whatever you want.

    • RyaN says:

      Best thing to do is just go to an old XP machine, do a search for mspaint.exe and copy that file to your new machine. You can execute it directly or make a shortcut.

      Perhaps one day MS will learn to LISTEN TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!

  14. amber says:

    how do I paste with a transparent background? It was easy to switch back and forth in the old paint.

  15. Renée Michelle says:

    I’d like to share my opinion of the “New Paint” (vs 6.1 for Windows 7). As with all things that change, one must adapt, and use the only version of a previously often used app that is now available to them.

    I agree with the constructive criticism of the last few commentors, and will say only this: when implementing an upgraded, or “newer” version of a VERY COMMONLY USED application, at the very least, please do not remove options that were available in the previous version.

    Paint is a great, but SIMPLE (even more so now, which is a liability to your clients, partners, Board, etc.) tool for simple image formatting. I highly recommend you deliver an update, patch, whatever, that includes an invitation for any user to please complete a survey, the function of which is to learn what, on average by a majority, users most want out of a program like Paint. Then deliver the best you can from the feedback.

  16. James says:

    Whenever I cut part of one picture out, using the free-form selection, and paste it into a second picture it keeps a white box all the way round the bit I’ve cut out the first picture, how do I get rid of that? I would like to know so as I can copy and paste a photo of my friends head onto a picture of a giraffe without there being a box all around my mates head. Old Paint never gave me this hassle, it loved banter!!!!

    • Wayne Reed says:

      RE: Whenever I cut . . . Don’t CUT it, COPY it.

      I don’t personally like the new version either. However, when reading almost all of the comments, it seems to me people just haven’t learned how to use the new software. Most of the comments are the same. A gripe, and a “I can’t do this now!” Some options might be missing now. I can’t say they aren’t. But I haven’t ruled anything out yet. There are a
      few things I’m still trying to figure out. For the most part, it took me less than 10 minutes to get PAINT working “for me”. Found options quickly. With no issue. I honestly feel that most of the issues most people are having are the result of not knowing how to use computer software to begin with. You shouldn’t need to “learn how to use PAINT”. It works like just about any other computer app. Need something? Try a drop down menu. It’s all pretty much there. That all being said, there are a couple things I’m still looking for. Maybe they’re gone now. Maybe it’s me. I’m not sure enough about it to “gipe”about it.

  17. john says:

    I like to race my grandpa’s wheel chair against the other kids in the neighborhood when he falls asleep. Hey, now we’ve all failed to answer the question! Yeah!

  18. Dan says:

    How do you get rid of the shadow around the outside of the pictures?

  19. John says:

    Could someone please tell me how to scan with the Windows 8 –seems the windows 8
    Scanner/Camera does recognize as with the older versions..


  20. khan says:

    how to get simple arrow line in paints of windows7

  21. Carol says:

    Paint Program, Windows 7, Unable to save images in full size

  22. R D says:

    how do i make a fuzzy picture clear using the paint program?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You don’t. This is not a professional photo editing tool, like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. It is only a small and basic tool used to create drawings.

  23. HC says:

    In the previous MS Paint, you could use the eraser to change color by clicking on the bad color and right clicking on the desired color, then holding down the right button with the eraser tool and dragging it around. This feature seems to be gone completely. It only seems to work on marks made with the eraser tool, nothing else.

  24. Rose Williams says:

    Hello. I teach younger elementary students the Paint program (among other things). I’m mostly teaching mouse control and how to find things on menu’s that you want to do.
    I’m having trouble with one computer in the room. All of them have Windows 7. When drawing a picture in Paint on this one computer, it looks like the normal size. But when you print it out, or look at it in Print Preview, it’s small and up in the left hand top corner of the page. I’ve been googling this problem and have a couple of things to check when I go back in to school. But the Properties was grayed out and wouldn’t let me click on it. It’s possible that one of the kids was playing with the text tool and held down the control and typed something else in that changed the settings. Or sometimes they get mixed up with the shift and the control key while they’re trying to make a capital letter.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help!

  25. Rose Williams says:

    Figured it out. I had to change the pixels to 1434 X 693. I was able to get into Properties this time and change that to match the other computers in the room. Maybe this will help someone else if they have this issue. Not sure why only one of many computers would have this one thing different, but it did.

  26. Janice Torres says:

    I have windows 8! Is there a way to go back and edit text in Paint once you have left it?

  27. Solonas says:

    I need to change the defold settings on the print setup page. For example I want to print without margins. And stay like this.
    Anybody can help?

  28. Kellie says:

    This was a huge help to me today – I thought the transparency option was removed – and this helped me find it. THANKS!!!

  29. Richard Berris says:

    On the Vista Paint, the line width could be 2 pixels wide. I did almost everything in 2 pixel wide lines. The selections in 7 paint are only 1 or 3 pixel wide lines. This is unacceptable. I want Vista paint back.

    And the energizer bunny is crap

  30. jean shimp says:

    after you’re done working with brushes how do you get back to the normal pointer. I want to select objects by just clicking like before I used the brush tools.

  31. m. says:

    It used to be the one could simply invert all the colors of an image in paint but now I can’t figure out how to do that with this version.

    • Jaseman says:

      Drag a selection box, right click inside of it and choose ‘Invert color’ from the menu

  32. pissed off painter says:

    How the HELL do you invert?!?

    • Wayne Reed says:

      RE: How the HELL do you invert?!? . . .

      Just right click. Sheesh!!! Have you actually really tried to use this software?

  33. jooko says:

    How can I select the moving tool?? Please help.

  34. jane says:

    If you read the original documentation from Microsoft regarding Paint’s application, eg, in the basic user guides, it was always intended as a doodling scratchpad; Bored in the workplace? Break out Paint. Nothing fancy. Other programs can do fancy stuff:

    Paint was beautiful precisely because it was so simple to use.

    With the old Paint I can teach my kindergarteners so many different and important ways of using icons as tools to create pictures with a mouse and screen, so it’s a good thing our computers run XP. With the new version forget it.

  35. Spike says:

    This sucks. typical MS arrogance, not caring about the customer. I need something SIMPLE and QUICK. I don’t have the desire or time to learn a new interface—and WTF happened to the arrows? Where are they?

  36. Mark says:

    Is there any way to move the ribbon to the left side of the screen? It takes up too much space at the top for my liking.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You can only minimize it. There is an arrow on the top right corner of the ribbon. You can use it to minimize/maximize the ribbon.

      You can also double click on the tabs of the ribbon to achieve the same effect.

  37. Polly says:

    How do you blur a small section of a photo in Paint Windows 8?

  38. Never mind says:

    What’s the new Paint come up with for the old Paint’s Alt-I A keystroke sequence?

  39. Jerry Vellutini says:

    What is the hotkey to rotate the image?

  40. RW OTT says:

    Help the monitor broke down of my XP machine pentium 4, I am convined to using paint from windows 7 now. What a propagandistic advertising above of a realy bad product. Maybe I am used to the simple paint, but having tried pasting transparant, I am sure the XP paint worked better.

  41. Bruce McKinley says:

    I have created a simple logo for my business using MS Paint and saved it as a PNG file. Now I want to move the logo OUT of Paint into an image specific file, so I can insert it into a web page and email newsletter. How do I achieve that? I’ve tried everything I know and read every tutorial pertaining to the subject. Not ONE of them talks about how to export something once it has been created. Thanks!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Once you save an image as a file (PNG in your case), you can use that file and import it into another tool, upload it to your website or insert it into a newsletter? What exactly are you expecting from Paint?

  42. david says:

    I cant open paint images created on vista home basic 32 bit for editing on windows 7.

    Im trying to open them from a slaved hard drive that was in my old Vista machine

    Are they compatible?

  43. Lee says:

    my Paint has recently begun going to the “File” tab after every action. it used to go to the “Home” tab which makes more sense because 95% of all activity is done under that tab, all the editing, etc. how do you make it default back to the Home tab and not the File tab?

  44. Rev says:

    The old paint allowed you to make a pasted picture, transparent once pasted. Why would any “Sane” developer remove this very helpful tool?

  45. Wayne Reed says:

    George, your tutorial is excellent! Thanks for the effort!!!

    One question . . . I haven’t found an option I use a lot with the old version. It’s probably there. I’ll keep looking. Old version had a shape selection. You could click on 1 of 3 squares, or circles. Different sizes. And that shape was like an erase button, or you could make that shape, any color, with a mouse click. Like make a quick solid circle.

    Also, can any parameters/settings be edited? I’d like to change the default from png to jpg.

  46. EL says:

    I would be satisfied if MS would reinstate the “copy to” command back to Paint. I used it a lot. Why did they drop it?

    Even though possible to do the same with the “crop” command, the new method is very cumbersome and poses the risk of overwriting the file if the user forgets to rename the piece that’s seperated.

  47. Vishal Khopkar says:

    How to increase or decrease the size of the drawing tool (for ex: eraser) on a laptop Windows 7 Paint which does not have a numpad?

  48. Lynwood Wagner says:

    The one thing we wanted was to be able to tilt words like in Open Office Draw. New Paint’s changes make about as much sense as default 11 point Calibri. I use XP paint with Win 7 but it stops periodically fortunately just after a save. Any ideas how to prevent this?

  49. Stan says:

    I use paint to make primitive diagrams that I need to add to inspection reports I submit. I draw the diagram & label it, then save it. I then go to my work web site where I upload the diagram. Here is my problem, I just made a new diagram, save it then downloaded into work web site. The diagram is very small fraction of the size of the original I just drew. What have I done that when I save it and download it the diagram is perhaps 20th the size of the original. I can’t figure out how to increase the size to save it. Hope this makes some sense. Many thanks for any help you have. Stan

  50. MATHI says:

    Is there any printed book available to learn MS PAINT,in my home itself? Inform the publishers’s name and address with contact details, as early as possible.Thanks.

  51. Arne Boberg says:

    The one tool that I used a lot in the old Paint – Clear Image – is gone. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. When I cropped out what I needed, I would just hit “clear image”, and then paste what I had in the clipboard. Now, I have to open a new session of Paint to get a fresh pixel map – what a hassle! Why in the world would they remove such a useful function?

  52. Diane says:

    I opened Paint to add text to a photo and now I can’t close it and simply Edit the photos.

  53. davieds says:

    I have windows 8! Is there a way to go back and edit text in Paint once you have left it?

  54. Awais Khan says:

    i am facing a problem with paint program. i created some word art object in MS word and then copied to paint it worked but the very next day i repeated the same but it didn’t work. the object is not shown by paint program although it pasted. can any one here can help me

  55. lisa says:

    I had previously (a few weeks ago) inverted the image I was working on. How do I get it back to normal?

  56. Rachel Holmen says:

    I design quilt blocks in Paint. But now I’m using it on a tablet, and there are commands that involve using “shift + click”, which means that in addition to the tablet, I need to have both a mouse AND a bluetooth keyboard — since there is nowhere to plug in a keyboard. Not at all happy about this.

    (An example of use: use the oval tool; if you drag diagonally across the screen while pressing SHIFT, you will get a perfect circle. The same with the rectangle tool — shift and drag gives you a square. When I design quilt blocks, I need squares and circles far more often than I need rectangles and ovals.)

  57. Lintech says:

    I just now using MS Paint I have used it for some simple things and wondered where my buttons were. I had to delete, crop and cut and past on a new page to get some effects i wanted that I would normally be able to do on one page in previous versions. Now I need to work on a picture and find it difficult to use Ms paint 7 with out googling or a little help. I must plug my Windows XP computer up I am so used to using windows paint previous versions. I do have a Photoshop I can install both are bothersome as fast as I want to work on this pic right now.

  58. Alfred B. says:

    How can I escape out of “Paint” mode?

  59. Allison says:

    Is there a way to reduce the resolution of an image for use on Facebook?

  60. Ed Middleton says:

    Is it possible to view the Paint gridlines in inches? I have no idea of the size of a pixel and I need to know how to size images in real dimensions. It seems like we get so many features that are “improved” by the engineers to fulfill their own concept but in fact are frustrating and a hindrance to many end users. I am all for adding new features, but why can you not just add them and not change things that work perfectly well.

  61. luke says:

    Hi im Looking for the magic wand tool and cannot seem to find it.

  62. patricia says:

    I have just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and have been using Paint to produce monthly A4 Photosheets of my granddaughter for 4 years
    Adjusting to Windows 10 is slow for me, so it is a relief to find Paint behaving like an old friend : your article is great Thank you

  63. stevie says:

    this ‘guide’ sucks

  64. JR says:

    Helpful article. And comment at the end too.

  65. Clifford Powell says:

    l am an elderly person and have been struggling with paint for years. I found this article very useful, so back to try it out . Thanks

  66. Letitia Fendley says:

    I use paint almost every day. I sign documents in paint with a few steps algorithm, even when I am not allowed to save a pdf and sign it, or allowed to convert it straight to it jpeg, I get around the pdf pushing Nazis with a screenshot when they try to force me to pay for Acrobat Pro. Then I open my rad screenshot in paint and save as jpeg. Then I sign the document by choosing a skinny brush that looks like a pencil, and I save this version as a jpeg with my signature on it.

  67. JW says:

    I like Paint – it provides quick tools for basic things. What I haven’t worked out is how use Paint to create a coloured background and then add text on the top of the background. I must be missing an easy step somehow 🙁

  68. Barry Hawkins says:

    How do I make the background transparent?

  69. Southern Belle says:

    I like paint only because it’s faster to load and paste, the thing I thought I’d be able to do but have never figured out is how to open multiple or different images and paste them on one paint canvas, I know it can’t do a slide show but is it possible to put multiple different images on one paint workspace or canvas?


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