5 reasons why you should use AutoDraw for fast and beautiful drawings

If you are like us, then you probably can't draw anything using your mouse on your computer. It is also unlikely that you find it easier to draw on your tablet or smartphone using your index finger! 🙂 Even if you manage to do a decent drawing with a pen and paper, doing the same on a computer, tablet or smartphone without a proper stylus is pretty hard. Fortunately, Google has created a service called AutoDraw that helps even completely untalented people draw fast and beautiful drawings on their devices, from PCs to tablets, to smartphones. Here's why you should try it:

What is AutoDraw?

AutoDraw is a tool that has been developed by Google's Creative Lab, with the purpose of helping people draw on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. This has always been something notoriously hard to do. Sure, it is doable if you have a stylus and some talent, but otherwise, it is difficult. AutoDraw can transform this poor drawing:

AutoDraw, drawing

Into this beautiful alternative:

AutoDraw, drawing

AutoDraw is a game changer, and these are the main reasons for which we say that:

1. It works in any web browser on any device

AutoDraw is a web based tool. This means that it does not need any local files on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You do not have to install any app; all you need is a web browser, and you are ready to go. AutoDraw is available at autodraw.com.

2. It works with a mouse, touch, and a stylus

It does not require anything special as input either. You can use your device just as you would normally: on a desktop computer or a laptop you can use your mouse or touchpad, and on a tablet or smartphone you can use your fingers to touch the screen.

3. It uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance your drawings

AutoDraw gets its powers from Artificial Intelligence (AI): as soon as you begin drawing, the AI behind it starts trying to recognize what you doodle. Then, it tries to match what you draw with similar drawings from its database. All of them are displayed as small icons in the "Do you mean" list from the top.

AutoDraw, drawing

If you discover that what you intended to draw is one of the matches found, you can click or tap on that drawing and AutoDraw replaces your doodle with the better version from AutoDraw.

4. It uses drawings made by professional artists, designers, and illustrators

The drawings that you can use to replace your doodles are drawn by artists, designers and illustrators and, as such, they look a lot more beautiful than what an average you and me can create. Plus, the list of drawings in the database is always growing. Anyone can submit their drawings, using this web page: AutoDraw Artists.

5. It can also work as a simple "Paint-like" app

You can also use AutoDraw as a simple drawing app, without the benefits of the automatic drawings matches. If you want to test your skills or if all you need is a "Paint-like" app on the web, AutoDraw offers that too. You can draw, type, and colorize as much as you like.

6. It is free of charge

That is right! AutoDraw is free. No strings attached. You can use it how you like, where you like, as much as you like. There is no price on it, and there are no ads near it.

You should try AutoDraw

Before you go, if you have 2 minutes to spare, check the video below. It shows more about what this little new drawing tool can do:

Try it out and share what you think about AutoDraw. Do you like the fact that it can help you create quick and beautiful drawings? Or do you prefer to create your own? Don't forget that you can use the comments below to share your opinion.

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